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This baby shower diaper cake page is probably my most favorite page of my entire website. Let me tell you why! Because it is filled with sweet, charming and down right adorable baby shower diaper cakes from so many AMAZING readers. You need to check out Kandace's Spring Theme diaper cake, or Toni's Purple Palace cake, or Lynn's Safari cake, or any other of our wonderful readers who have taken the time to create and share their inspiring baby shower diaper cake ideas.

This is the place to come to Get and Give cake ideas, pictures and tips. My creativity is only so much, but combined with all the fabulous ideas from all of you, we have made this the cutest, most comprehensive & most helpful baby shower cake resource on the web!

Diaper cakes are a touching way to express love and support to an expecting mother. They are unique in the fact that they can be tailored to fit the style, likes, and needs of each individual mommy-to-be. They can be made very sleek and classy, simple and streamlined, cute and gushy, or anything in between. There is no right or wrong way to build a baby shower diaper cake! Just consider the expectant mother, what her personality is, what colors or themes she likes, and some supplies that she might need, and then start creating! Get some ideas of where to start below. Submit your baby shower diaper cake ideas and your diaper cake will last forever, right here! It's a way to share ideas with others and show off your diaper cake & baby shower ideas to your friends & family.

If you are a bit intimidated by the prospect of making your own diaper cake, or you don't know where to start, or you just need a few cute ideas - then take a look at these great baby shower diaper cake ideas & pictures that others have shared:

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Yellow Ducky Diaper Cake

How do you make the perfect diaper cake? Just take a look below! This diaper cake is AHHH-MAZING! The bright colors and flower accents are divine. And it looks so cute with the yellow ducky and polka dot decor! Love it. So classy!

Misti sent us her yellow ducky diaper cake from the great state of Texas. Misti is one of our darling readers who has made this website the best diaper cake resource on the web, by sharing her own diaper cake experience, her pictures and her helpful hints. [...] view more >>

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Chris's Baby Shower Diaper Cake

diaper cake picture

"My "recipe"-(everything came from Wal-Mart)
1- Regular size, ?oz.bottle Pedialyte=$5.24
1- 4oz nursing bottle=$1.92
1- 12yd 1 1/2" wide ribbon =$1.93
2- 10yd 1/4" wide ribbon =$.44 (had some leftover)
2- 56 #1 size (8-14lbs)@$5.74 each=$11.84 (had some leftover)
1-pack party favor "safety pins"=$1.77
blue yarn/rubber bands
2-bibs @$1.88 each =$3.76
1-mini rattle=$1.96
1-6 pack washcloth=$3.24
1-gum soother=$1.96
1-2 pack pacifier=$2.48
1-stuffed animal for cake topper=$4.96
1-lg. link pack for going around cake plate=$3.83

I followed the directions on the website. I ended up needing more than 60 diapers, because the bottle of Pedialyte was more rounded than a bottle of lotion. I chose Pedialyte, because the new moms usually get so much lotion, (and who wants to run to the store in the middle of the night, the first time the little one is sick?) I tied yarn around some of the inner layer diapers, and used rubber bands on others. My stuffed animal for the top was a blue lion. I "garnished" the cake with all the little add-ons, and roped the links around the bottom. I folded the 6 washcloths, and used those as garnish on the bottom also. A friend made me a 22" piece of plexiglass to use as a "plate". I also made one pair of crocheted baby booties to put on the cake. The total cost was $51.82 for this cake. The cost could be kept lower, using a smaller bottle for the core, and lots less garnishes. I tucked the party favors pins into the tie ribbons on some of the outer diapers. It was a lot of fun to make!!

how to make a baby shower cake

baby shower cake picture

diaper cake picture

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how to make a baby shower diaper cake

The cake was the hit of the shower. The hostess had a round sofa, with a glass table in the middle, and the cake on that, so it was the centerpiece of her shower. Love your site, Chris

Submitted by Chris from Detour, MD
Thanks Chris! What a beautiful baby shower diaper cake, and your breakdown of the price of each "ingredient" is EXTREMELY helpful!!!

Kenitha's Baby Shower Diaper Cake

picture of baby shower cake

"I happened upon your site while looking for baby shower ideas for a friend. I loved the diaper cake idea and was so proud with the result that I took a photo and attached it to this email.

Thank you so very much for the great idea and instructions!

My Diaper Cake Recipe:

-1 Lg. Bottle of Baby Wash (for the 1st & 2nd tier)

-1 Lg. Bottle of Baby Lotion (also for 1st & 2nd tier...I put both bottles together on the bottom and surrounded them with the diapers).

-1 Reg. sized Baby Bottle (for the middle of the 3rd & 4th tier)

-71 Diapers (40 small Diapers for Newborns & 31 larger Diapers for 12 lbs. and up). In this way you can "mold" the cake depending on how thick of a roll you need, etc...On the 1st (bottom) tier I used both sizes of diaper and made 3 rows around the bottles of baby wash and baby lotion. For the 2nd tier I used both sizes again forming 2 rows around the rest of the bottles of wash and lotion. On the 3rd tier I made 1 row around the baby bottle using only the larger diapers. On the 4th tier I made 1 row around the remainder of the bottle, but only used the small diapers. A small diaper made up my 5th tier (I just kind of wedged it into the middle of the 4th tier).

-71 Rubber bands (to tie ea. diaper at the middle)

How I tied Ea. Diaper: I opened ea. one up and started rolling at the end that would make up the front of the diaper if it were actually on a baby. I'd roll it up like a cinnamon roll and then secure in the middle with a rubber band.

-1 Flowing Gift-wrapping Bow as the Topper
-1 Plastic Party Platter to put the cake on
-9 ft. of Wide Ribbon, 2.5''wide (I measured how much I used, but did it with a ruler...don't know what that is in yards-sorry!)
-Scrapbooking stickers to fit the theme of the shower
-2 Flat, Plastic Baby Carriage Accents(I found mine at the local craft store for $0.89)
-1 Baby Brush and Comb Set
-4 Baby Feeding Spoons
-3 Pairs of Baby Booties
-2 Pacifiers
-3 Bibs

I thought I'd share my own recipe."

Submitted by Kenitha from San Antonio, TX
Thanks Kenitha! It is DARLING!!!

These pictures of baby shower cakes that others have made will give you some great ideas to make your baby shower diaper cake. And with a little creativity & a few of these baby shower cake ideas, you can make a unique diaper cake for that special soon-to-be mom in your life. But, before you give it to her, send me a picture of it to share your diaper cake with everyone!

Best Wishes!

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