His and Hers Baby Diaper Cakes

Lisa submitted the amazing baby diaper cakes below. One for the dad-to-be and one for the mom-to-be. His and hers - How Fun! The Black and Decker cake is one baby shower gift that Dads-to-be everywhere would love, and the Teddy Bear cake would definitely be the highlight of the baby shower for the expectant mother.

These baby diaper cakes are a wealth of cute ideas for all of us making our own diaper cakes. A huge thanks to Lisa for sharing her creativity and time to help "pay it forward" with her darling diaper cake ideas!

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Lisa's Black and Decker and Blue Teddy Bear Diaper Cakes

Couples Diaper Cakes

I found your site a few weeks ago when i was looking for diaper cake instructions.

Since then I have made these two cakes. Both cakes will be used at the same shower. Mommy and daddy will each have one. The blue Teddy Bear cake has 226 size 1 diapers for mommy and the Black & Decker cake has 250 size 2 diapers for daddy.

Tool Diaper Cake

Baby Blue Diaper Cake

Thank you for having the instructions on the site. I have put off making them for about 3 years when i was warned how hard they were to make. I wish i had ignored that advice because they are so easy and fun i can't stop making them. I just made a small one for an office shower and the new mommy loved it. In fact that was her first one she had ever seen. Thanks again.

- Lisa

Thanks Lisa! What a beautiful pair of diaper cakes!!

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Make your own diaper cake using these easy-to-follow diaper cake instructions & pictures .

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