Perfect Baby Shower Gifts

Baby Shower Gifts

Another Baby Shower coming up?

And you want everyone at the shower, especially the expectant mother, to be oohing and aahhing when she opens your gift?

But you don't have much time left to find a unique, fun, and useful gift?

No problem! Look below for fun and creative gift ideas. Not every gift is suited for every mom, so follow the steps below on how to choose the perfect gift. There are all sorts of ideas that range from time-tested favorites to new, chic, and unique baby gifts.

Here are several categories to help you narrow your search for the perfect baby shower gift:


Baby Bracelets

Baby Clothing

Diaper Essentials

Baby Bath Gifts

Baby Bedtime Gifts

Baby Travel Necessities

Baby Mealtime Gifts

Baby Decor

Baby Safety Gifts

Baby Playtime Gifts

Baby Books

Baby Keepsake Gifts

Mom & Dad Gifts

Group Gifts

Homemade Baby Gifts

Other Unique Baby Gift Ideas


How To Choose The Perfect Baby Shower Gift:

1. What is the theme of the baby shower?
Buying your gift to match the theme of the baby shower is an excellent guide to narrow down your search for the perfect gift. Click here for specific themed baby shower gifts & ideas...

2. Do you want to buy a gift for the baby or for the expectant mother?
Is she a 1st time mother who needs basic baby supplies? If so, a gift for the baby would be best. If the expectant mother already has 1 or more children, she may already have the main baby supplies she needs, and so a gift to pamper herself might be a fun idea.

3. Is the mother registered on a baby registry?
If so, the list of baby categories above is a great resource to find out specifically what the expectant mother needs.

4. Do you want to go in on a larger gift with others?
Call the baby shower hostess or a close family member or friend of the expectant mother to ask if there is a group gift. If not, YOU could organize a group gift! Click here for group gift ideas ...

5. Add a few little inexpensive extras to garnish your baby gift basket.
Things like a bottle of baby lotion, a hooded towel, or a package of diapers.


Happy Hunting!

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