Perfect Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby Bathtime items are excellent baby shower gift ideas for a new mother! A mother bathes a baby a few times a week and will need some quality supplies to keep that baby clean!

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Here are numerous Baby Bath ideas below to help you find the perfect baby shower gift!:


Baby Bath - Gift Ideas

Baby Bath Towels

Hooded Baby Bath Towels

Baby Bath Tub (They come in different shapes and colors. Be sure to get one that has a head support to hold Baby's head up. Also, it should be sturdy and have a rounded lip.

Wash Cloths

Baby Powder

Baby Oil

Baby Lotion

Baby Shampoo

Baby Calming Lotion

Mild Baby Soaps (no perfumed or deodorant soaps)

Baby Wipes

Soft Hair Brush

Cotton Swabs

Baby Maid Service

Baby Wipe Warmer

Bathing System

Baby Nail Kits


Non-slip Bath Rug

Sponge Bath Supplies

Bath Toys

Thermometer (to check the bath water temperature)

Tub Toy that turns a bright color if the bath water is too hot

Bath Cup for scooping water to pour over Baby

And of course, a Rubber Ducky!

Tips and Suggestions for buying Bath and Body Baby supplies as a Baby Shower Gift

* Newborn Bath Essentials:

• 2-3 soft baby bath sponges

• Mild baby soap

• Hooded Bath towels (to keep baby warm all over both during and after a bath)

• Baby lotion

• Thermometer to check the bath water temperature


Best Wishes on finding the Perfect Baby Shower Gift!

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