The Couples Baby Shower Ideas Planning Guide

Thinking about inviting the men to a Couples Baby Shower?

Couples Baby Shower Ideas

Believe it or not, but many husbands would really enjoy going to a coed baby shower with their wife. A baby shower is a fun get-together with friends and family, everyone celebrating a new little baby. Often, the father-to-be would love to be part of that celebration. It helps him get excited about his new son or daughter. And whether he admits it or not, his heart will melt when he opens up a baby shower gift and sees a little pink dress or a little pair of denim overalls.

How to Know if You Should Invite the Guys

Simply ask the Mom-to-be if she wants her husband and his friends to be at the shower. She needs to enjoy the shower above all. So if she doesn't want the men there, then that's the answer. If she likes the idea, though, then ask her husband if he would like to go.

Some guys might feel uncomfortable, which is understandable. But he might be honored by the invite and excited to participate. You never know until you ask! And if you do decide to invite the men, never fear! Here are some extremely helpful Couples baby shower ideas to help you plan the perfect Coed Baby Shower:


How to Plan a Couples Baby Shower

1. Make up the guest list with both parents.
Have them list both her friends and his friends. He'll feel a lot more comfortable with some of his friends there.

2. Decide on a theme that both parents-to-be would enjoy.
A general baby theme is always a great choice, or a sports theme, or other hobby of the husband's (cars, cowboy, outdoors, john deere, etc) are some fun themes that the dad-to-be might really get into.

3. Make and send out the Couples baby shower invitations.
Have the invites match the theme you chose. You could make the invitations in the colors of the dad's favorite sports team, or buy some outdoors or cowboy / western paper, or whatever the theme may be. This lets the guys know right from the start that the theme will be something they enjoy. Also, having more than 1 guy there might make the dad-to-be more comfortable & more enjoyable. The whole "strength in numbers" thing. Be sure to mention in the invitations that it is a Couples Baby Shower.

4. Plan the food.
This is one of the most (if not the most important) aspects of a Couples baby shower that you can plan. After all, the way to a man's heart (and hence how much he enjoys the baby shower) is through his stomach.

Meat is usually a good choice for your co-ed baby shower food (those carnivores!). Definitely have something more hearty than salad and bundt cake. BBQ, casserole, or enchiladas are some good choices. Check out these recipes for some delicious Couples Baby Shower Food Ideas ...

5. Should I have Games at a Couples baby shower?
You could do it either way. This is a great question to ask the expectant mom and dad. Often the baby shower games are not played and instead, talking & telling stories & parenting advice is the replacement which makes for a fun, intimate party with friends and family. However, almost always, when the guys actually play the baby shower games, they really get into them. Guys usually enjoy the physical baby shower games .

6. What kind of baby shower favors & prizes are good for a Coed baby shower?
Anything Edible! Guys are very predictable, which makes your job easier! Candy bars, rice krispy treats, beef jerky, cinnamon rolls, etc, inexpensive t-shirts that relate to the theme (sports teams, wranglers, carhartt, etc) are fun favors & prizes. Other ideas include: packages of football, baseball, or basketball cards, movie rental gift certificates, pocket-sized outdoor equipment like little flashlights or pocketknives, etc.

7. What kind of gifts are good Couples baby shower gifts?
The gifts at a coed baby shower shouldn't be much different than a girls baby shower. If this is the only baby shower a mom-to-be will have, then traditional baby shower gifts are a must, because she will still need all the diapers, clothes & burp cloths that she can get. But one or two of the gifts aimed at the dad-to-be is a great way to honor and congratulate him.

Be sure to have the mom and dad-to-be sit together and take turns opening the baby shower gifts. This really helps him get into the baby excitement.

Some other fun ideas for a Couples baby shower:
• Have a surprise baby shower for the dad-to-be at his office/work. Call 1 or 2 of his co-workers to plan it. He is sure to have friends at work that would love to celebrate & congratulate him on his upcoming son or daughter.

• If he is into sports, have the party during a game where everyone can eat, chat & watch the game and then open the baby shower gifts afterwards.

• Have a cookout BBQ. Any get-together that involves an open flame is definitely a party that men would enjoy!

Best Wishes on Your Couples Baby Shower!

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