Perfect Baby Shower Invitations

Preparing the perfect baby shower invitations is like buying the perfect pair of shoes:
     1. You want them to be cute, original, and fun.
     2. Colors, textures, and styles are huge.
     3. It should be fun, not stressful.
     4. Never ask for a guy's opinion! ;)

The shower invitations give a 1st impression about the baby shower because they are the first thing people will see. So, they are quite important.

But you shouldn't lose sleep over them. Why?

Because below you have at your disposal a unique, cute, and comprehensive selection of invitation ideas, tips, suggestions, themes, and free printable baby shower invitations. They are all free for your personal use.

Ready to start those invitations? Let's do it!

First, you should go here and take a look at our fun (and very inexpensive) collection of Baby Shower Invitations, which have matching decorations, favors and place settings.


owl invitations
Hooty Hoot Owl Invitation

little chic invitations
Personalized Little Chic Invitation
pregnant silhouette shower invites
Personalized Pregnant Silhouette Invitation

teddy bear baby shower invitation
Blue & Brown Teddy Bear Invitation
teddy bear baby shower invites
Teddy Bear Invitation

sweet pea baby shower invitation
Pink Sweet Pea Invitation
peapod baby shower invitations
Garden Sweet Pea Invitation
polka dot baby boy shower invitation
Polka Dot Boy Invitation
polka dot baby shower invitation
Polka Dot Girl Invitation

baby shower invitation
Baby Boy Invitation 1
baby shower invitations
Baby Boy Invitation 2
baby shower invitation
Baby Boy Invitation 3
baby shower invitations
Baby Girl Invitation 1
free baby shower invitations
Baby Girl Invitation 2
baby girl shower invitations
Baby Girl Invitation 3
baby shower footprint invitation
Baby Footprint Invitation 1
baby footprint shower invitations
Baby Footprint Invitation 2

baby shower footprint invitation
Baby Footprint Invitation 3
baby footprint shower invitation
Baby Footprint Invitation 4

baby shower diaper invitations
Boy, Girl, or Twins Diaper Invitations
printable baby shower invitation
Boy, Girl, or Twins Invitations
invitation to print for free
Boy, Girl or Twins Retro
Free baby shower invitations
Baby Boy Onesie Invitation
Free Baby Shower Invitations
Baby Girl Onesie Invitation
baby shower invitations
Baby Boy Star Invitations
Baby Shower Invitations
Baby Girl Star Invitations
Baby Shower Invitations
Winnie the Pooh Invitations
baby shower invitation
Sesame Street Invitations

Baby Shower Flower Invitations
Flower Invitations
baby shower invitation example
Sports Invitations

lil pumpkin baby shower invitation
Pumpkin/Halloween Invitation


How to Make Your Own Baby Shower Invitations:

When it comes time to prepare the invitations, you have 5 choices:

1. Simply call or email to invite friends and family to the shower.

2. Use the free printable baby shower invitations above and fill in the blanks with your specific shower information, such as date, time, place, and RSVP info.

3. Order personalized invitations from a company.

4. Buy decorated, fill-in-the-blank invitations from a party store.

5. Make your own shower invitations.

One way is not necessarily better than another. It all depends on your circumstances, schedule, and how you want to invite everyone.

Traditionally, baby shower cards and invitations are on a decorated card and delivered by mail. If you don't have much time or budget, I suggest using the free printable invitations above. They are cute and modern, and it's very easy to fill in the information. These invitations will save you a LOT of time.

But if you have the time, I suggest making your own shower invitations. It is usually less expensive than buying invitations at the store. Plus, it is a lot of fun, it is rewarding, and it provides the expectant mother with a lasting memory of the celebration. Not to mention that you will also get a lot of compliments from the guests.

Click here for matching Baby Shower THANK YOU cards


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