Perfect Baby Shower Favors

Baby Shower Favors - Much Ado About Nothing

After planning several baby showers, I have come to realize that Life is Too Short to fret about what shower favors to give out at the party.

Don't you agree?
Shower favors are meant to be a small gift of appreciation for coming to the party and a lasting memory of how fun and special the baby shower was. So, they are an important part of planning a shower. But, that does not mean that you have to spend a lot of time and money on them.

So, I have created this fabulous list of cute, fun, and unique baby shower favors and ideas that will really help you in your search for the Perfect Baby Shower Favors.


There are a ton of ideas below, so consider who your guests are and choose favors that best fit their personality and interests.

Enjoy these great shower favor ideas and Good Luck with everything!


Make your own Rice Krispie baby shower party favors

Make your own candy satchel directions with pics

Easy homemade baby shower party favor instructions

• Scented or decorative candles

Baby bottles filled with candy or chocolates (maybe Hershey's Hugs and Kisses?)

• Cookie Mix

• Bread Mix

• Soup Mix

• A Little Fruit Basket

• Novelty Soaps (in baby shapes, e.g. rubber ducky, baby bootie, pacifier, buttons etc)

• Personalized candy bars

• Picture frames • Gift certificates

• Scented body lotion

• Pedicure basket
     Nail Polish
     Emory Board
     Moisturizer Lotion
     Nail File
     Fun Magazine

• Finger Nail Polish

• Little Perfumes

• Bath Items
     Bubble Bath Soap
     Aromatic Soap
     Little Packets of Scented Shampoo
     Little Packets of Conditioner
     Fun Shower Cap
     Soothing Cream or Lotion

• Fun Hair Products

• Scented Hair Spray

• Fun Lipstick

• Flowers & Vase

• Cookies, brownies, anything tasty!

• Books
     Thought & Inspirational Books
     Quote Books
     Religious Books
     Children's Books

• Fancy Candies

• Box of Chocolates

• Stationary

Any and all themes (baby, country, angels, stars, Winnie the Pooh, etc,)

• Diaper Candy Cups

• Nuts

• Scrapbooking Supplies

This is a fabulous idea for shower favors because you can inexpensively put together several different items to make a little gift basket. You can put as much or as little as you want/can afford.

• Tickets to a play, community event, orchestra, opera, choir, or sporting event

Favor Bags

Here are some specific themed baby shower party favors ... (Winnie the Pooh, Sesame Street, Noah's Ark, Stars, etc)

Favors you can Eat are always a hit! These kind of favors are good for both the mind AND the body, ‘cause they taste so good! Send your guests home with a little something sweet. There are some delicious party favors listed above.

A great favor idea is to assemble a little basket or bag or bottle full of fun, little items from the categories above. You can pick and choose several fun items to make your own, unique baby shower party favor.


Submit any and all of your favorite baby shower favors and ideas here!


Tips, suggestions, and baby shower favor ideas:

• Use baby bottles to festively “wrap” your favors.

• Use disposable or cloth diapers to wrap your favors.

• Buy an inexpensive packet of baby related stickers at a scrapbooking store and put one on each different favor.


Wrapping your Baby Shower Favors

You can wrap your favors in one of several different festive ideas:

• Baskets

• Diapers (cloth work the best)

• Baby Booties

• Bottles

Tissue Paper in baby colors (light blue, pink, or yellow)


Any of these favor ideas would complement any and all Baby Shower themes.

Fun shower favors are the items that you always see in the store or salon, but that you would never get for yourself (Like fun and novel bath and beauty items).

They are also items that make the daily routine a little more enjoyable (like a bread or cookie mix, or chocolates, or flowers)

They are also items that remind everyone of the celebration of a new baby! (like baby bottles filled with chocolate, or baby themed cards & candies).


Best Wishes on your Baby Shower Favors!

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