Celebrity Baby Showers

Take a look at some lavish and swanky celebrity baby showers! It is always a lot of fun to see what the "celebs" are doing for their baby showers. And, although most of us probably can't afford to throw a baby shower like Beyonce, you are sure to find 1 or 2 fun ideas from each celebrity that could make your baby shower a little more hip!

Take a peek at how these famous moms celebrated their baby showers:

kate middleton baby shower kim kardashian baby shower penelope cruz baby shower jennifer lopez baby shower
tamar braxton

rachel zoe baby shower alanis morissette baby shower jessica alba baby shower jennifer lopez baby shower

christina aguilera baby shower naomi watts baby shower britney spears baby shower gwen stefani baby shower

Jennifer Garner Baby Shower Gwyneth Paltrow Baby Shower Julia Roberts Baby Shower Katie Holmes Baby Shower

Heidi Klum Baby Shower Brooke Shields Baby Shower Angelina Jolie Baby Shower Mariska Hargitay Baby Shower

Celebrity Baby Showers

- Celebrity Baby Showers -

*Disclaimer: The information concerning the individuals listed above has been gathered from various online sources. Each source is appropriately referenced, and every effort has been made to ensure as accurate and reliable information as is publically available. Any errors or inaccuracies in the accounts above are unintentional and originate from the cited sources.

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