Angelina Jolie Baby Shower

Angelina Brad Baby Shower

The only sure thing that we know about the Angelina Jolie Baby Shower is that she DID have one. How do we know that? Because Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie reported that a digital memory card with images of their private African baby shower was stolen.

One of the pictures on that card has been seen on the internet. The law firm, Lavely & Singer, who represent Pitt and Jolie, have described the pictures as showing Angelina, Brad, Maddox, and Zahara "having fun in Namibia where they were supposedly enjoying privacy and protection from paparazzi." (1)

The stolen picture of the Angelina Jolie baby shower that was published on the internet, showed a smiling Brad Pitt and pregnant Angelina with white feathered boas wrapped around their heads. (2)

According to later reports, Jolie's brother had taken a digital camera to a repair shop in L.A. He was at the baby shower in Namibia and had taken pictures of the party. The camera was sent to the manufacturer in Massachusettes to get fixed, where someone downloaded the pictures, realized what they were and intended to sell them to the tabloids. However, the suspect was caught, the pictures have been returned, but no arrests were made. (2)

Now, back to Angelina's Baby Shower: It is known that it was held in Africa - Namibia to be exact. Brad Pitt was there, as well as family members. Her baby shower was held before the birth. It is rumored that Angelina's mom wanted to throw a baby shower for her, but Angelina said that she didn't want one.

Other than that, we don't know anything else about the Angelina Jolie baby shower. But to get a taste of the Namibian culture where Angelina gave birth, after a Namibian woman gives birth, her family and friends give what they can to show joy for the new birth. Clay pots and baskets are common gifts. (3)

Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt was born ceasarian on May 27, 2006. People magazine published her first baby pictures & she sure looks cute!


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