Perfect Baby Shower Themes

Trying to find cute baby shower themes?
And there just doesn't seem to be that many ideas for fun and unique shower themes out there?

It's frustrating! I know.

And once you choose a theme, it's next to impossible to find any tips, suggestions, and ideas on how to use your theme to prepare the invitations, decorations, games, and food. And that is the biggest part of planning, by FAR!

So, you will be elated to look below and find that I have carefully chosen and planned the cutest and best baby shower themes for you.

So, let's choose your perfect baby shower theme:

dr seuss baby shower ideasdr seuss baby shower ideas
Dr Seuss Baby Shower

baby sprinkle
Baby Sprinkle
Green Baby Shower
Eco Friendly/Green Baby Shower

Lil Pumpkin Baby Shower Theme
Lil Pumpkin Theme / Autumn Baby Shower
Its a Boy Shower Theme
Its a Boy Baby Shower

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Theme
Teddy Bear
Frog Baby Shower Theme
Frog Baby Shower Theme
Blue & Green

Angel Baby Shower Theme
Sweet Pea Baby Shower Theme
Sweet Pea / Peapod
Retro Baby Shower Theme

Adoption Baby Shower Theme
Twins Baby Shower Theme

Baby Shower Sports Theme
Baby Shower Party Theme

Couples Baby Shower Ideas
Baby Shower Flower Theme
Baby Shower Flower Theme
Hawaiian Luau

baby shower theme
A Star is Born
Baby Shower Theme
Winnie the Pooh
Baby Shower Theme
Sesame Street
Scrapbooking Baby Shower
Noahs Ark Baby Shower
Noah's Ark
ABC Baby Shower
ABC's and 123's
Christmas Baby Shower Theme
Valentines Baby Shower Theme
Halloween Baby Shower Theme
Halloween / Pumpkin

Most of the brainstorming and planning has already been done for you. All you need to do is choose the theme you want and Voila! You have a perfect baby shower all planned and You are ready to PARTY!

These are some of the cutest baby shower themes that expectant mothers love. You will also find many baby shower games, invitation ideas, decorations, gifts, favors, food, recipes, cakes, centerpieces, and supplies that all fit into each specific baby shower theme.


Here are the most important considerations to make when deciding on the Perfect Theme for Your Baby Shower:

1. Talk with the expectant mother about what theme she would enjoy the most.
The main reason for having the shower is to help her prepare for and be excited about the arrival of her baby. So her feelings are the most important consideration.

2. Whatever theme the expectant mother has chosen for the nursery is an excellent suggestion for the theme of the baby shower.
It will help the mommy-to-be fill her nursery with toys, decor, and matching colors.

3. Is the baby a boy or a girl?
This definitely will influence the theme, colors, and ideas. Pink vs. Blue, dolls vs. trucks?

4. Is the soon-to-be mother expecting twins?
If so, "twins" is a great theme to play with. Peas in a Pod, Noah's Ark (two by two), and more...

5. Does the expectant mother already have children?
Many people throw a shower for each child because each child is special and unique. Using the same theme as the expectant mother had with a previous baby is any option. Often some of the same decorations could be used. In contrast, many times the mother already has most of the baby items she needs (except for diapers :] , so a baby shower focusing on pampering the mommy is very popular.

6. Is the Mommy-to-be adopting her baby?
If so, the theme of the baby shower shouldn't be handled any differently. The only difference is obviously that the theme of pregnancy shouldn't be used. Read more on adoption baby showers . . .

7. Choose a baby shower theme that is fun! After all, this is a party!

Having a specific theme can make the baby shower so much fun. It also helps create a feeling of constancy and gives everyone a focal point. If you don't know which theme to choose or you don't want to have one particular theme, you could use the general theme of "All Things Baby" above. So anything and everything that relates to a baby can be used in the decorations, invitations, gifts, favors, food and more.

The theme that you choose for the baby shower will affect every other aspect of the shower. It decides the decorations, the invitations, the games, the favors, the gifts, and food that you will have. So choose well! :]


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