How to Throw a Baby Sprinkle

Baby Sprinkle Ideas
Couples Baby Shower IdeasAre you or someone you know having another child? Maybe you're wondering if another baby shower is appropriate, since one was already given for the first baby. The answer is - Absolutely! Consider throwing a baby 'sprinkle' for mommy and an alternative to the traditional baby shower.

What Is A Baby Sprinkle?
Simply put, it is a toned down version of a baby shower. This type of part is great for mothers who already have most of the baby necessities from previous children. Maybe there is not a need for gifts, but there certainly is a reason to celebrate both mom and baby. Enduring a 9 month pregnancy and a delivery is no small feat and deserves recognition and honor. Beyond that, a new baby is always something to be celebrated.

Gifts For A Baby Sprinkle
While the guest of honor may be prepared with large items like a crib, car seat, high chair, and even some clothes, there are still items that are worth their weight in gold at a baby sprinkle.
• Diapers as any mom will tell you, are expensive. And, new babies require a lot of them. Consider requesting that each guest bring a box of diapers and/or baby wipes with them. Even if this is the only gift they bring, it helps ease the burden on a family that is already providing for other children.

• Bottles are also an item that can be replaced with a new baby. And, many moms don't hang onto the old ones and will be in need of these. Here's a fun idea to include bottles as both a gift and activity in the baby 'sprinkle'.

Instead of envelopes, stuff new baby bottles with invitations for the event, label and mail them or hand deliver. Include a challenge to guests to return the bottle at the baby 'sprinkle' filled with something creative. Give prizes for the most creatively filled bottle. (I've seen bottles filled with everything from candy to diaper pins, pacifiers, and other small baby items).

• Clothes can be a great gift for any baby, whether they are first of fourth in the family. But if mommy-to-be already has a boy and is getting ready for the arrival of a new one, then she may have an abundance of baby clothes. Here's a tip.

Include a request in your baby 'sprinkle' invitations that clothing items be purchased in sizes 12 months and larger. Although it will be awhile before mommy uses them, this is the age where clothes get more wear on them from baby crawling, walking, and learning to self feed. Hand-me-downs from siblings become less of an option starting about this age because they're often worn out.

• Gifts for mommy-to-be are also appropriate at a baby sprinkle. Because the new baby's needs are already met, you can consider giving a gift to the guest of honor that conveys how much you love, appreciate, and value her. Anything like a gift certificate for new clothes, spa type activities such as a massage, pedicure, or facial that she can use after the baby is born to get some time to relax will go a long way in supporting her recovery and sanity as a parent of even more kiddos.

Baby Sprinkle Activities

• Since games are often reserved for the baby shower with the first child and need not be repeated at a baby 'sprinkle', consider having a fun build your own ice cream sundae party, with lots of sprinkles of course. Everyone is sure to enjoy this treat.

• Take time to reminisce and share lessons learned and funny stories about parenting once everyone sits down to enjoy their sundae. The great thing about a baby 'sprinkle' is that the guest of honor will be able to participate and share what she has learned about parenting with her other children.

Remember, a baby sprinkle is more about support and advice than games and gifts. The tone is much more casual and intimate. Because of this, consider who will be invited. Depending on the mommy's wishes you may only send out invites to close family and friends.

Finally, baby sprinkles are often shorter in time span and last a couple of hours, as opposed to an entire afternoon. This keeps the sprinkle toned down and less involved in terms of participation. If you put a time duration on the invitations, those who would not attend because they already attended the previous shower for mommy-to-be and consider giving up such a large chunk of time difficult, might be more likely to attend.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. but, the beauty of a baby sprinkle is that you have more flexibility than with a traditional baby shower. Really, anything goes! You can make it as fun and personalized as you wish.


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