Perfect Baby Shower Decorations

Everyone will be oohing and aahing at the party when they see your baby shower decorations!

With the fantastic baby shower decoration ideas below, your planning and preparation will be oh-so easy.

You want your decorations to be:





and Fun!
These words will be our guide in selecting the perfect shower decorations. When it comes to decorating for a baby shower, it is all about atmosphere. Think about what kind of atmosphere and "feel" you want to have at the baby shower.

Now, with that picture in mind, let's choose the perfect baby shower decorations:


These are some ideas of Baby Shower Decorations that you could use. Use a few of them or use them all, depending on your theme, time, and budget:

One of the cutest ideas is to string a clothes line across the room and use clothes pins to hang little baby clothes, onesies, baby socks, bibs, towels, and more on the line.

Also, with the clothes line, you could take 10 diapers (either disposables or cloth) and use non-toxic paint or permanent marker of any color (blue, pink, or yellow) to write one big letter on each diaper to spell B-A-B-Y S-H-O-W-E-R. Then Pin up the diapers on the clothes line.

Candles will make the baby shower feel elegant and classy. You can find candles of different colors and scents to match any Baby Shower theme. Light blue, pink, or yellow candles would fit well with all baby shower themes.

Balloons are a timeless baby shower decoration. Pink for little girls, light blue for baby boys, and yellow for the "To Be Determined" baby. Balloon bouquets cost around 3 to 10 dollars for a medium size bouquet. There are fun Mylar balloons in different shapes and with fun sayings to fit your theme. Helium balloons are great to scatter across the ceiling or tie to the Chair of Honor where the expectant mother will sit.

Cutouts come in all shapes and themes from pacifiers, bottles, rattles, bibs, booties, strollers, nursery rhymes, Sesame Street, Winnie the Pooh, and more. These are great to tape to your walls where the party is or on the door to greet guests as they arrive.

At most party supply stores, you can find confetti in baby shapes of booties, rubber duckies, and pacifiers. This gives a fun "party" feel to the room. Sprinkle confetti on the gift table, the serving table, and anywhere else that would look good. Regular confetti is fun also, if you can't find the baby shapes.

Flowers give a fresh feel to a baby shower and smell fabulous. Flowers are a great way to match your theme colors. You could use large baby bottles as vases to put the flowers in.

Display a baby blanket. If the expectant mother has already received a baby blanket from someone (or if you or another guest plan on giving one for your baby shower gift), display it in a prominent place by the gift table. Drape it over a quilt rack or a chair.

Streamers can be strung (with tape) throughout the party room to give your baby shower decorations more color and texture. Sometimes baby shower decorations look strewn about a room, without anything to unify and pull everything together. Streamers that match your baby shower theme colors do exactly that; they tie in all of the decorations together to look unified and balanced. Be sure to hang them high so they don't get in the way.

Even your plates, napkins, and cups can be part of your baby shower decorations if they are the same color as your theme colors. Any party supplies store should have plenty of plates, napkins, and cups to choose from. There are even plates, napkins, and cups specifically for baby showers. Place them on the serving table to decorate that part of the room.

A tablecloth is a simple and easy way to add to your theme and decorations. White works with everything, or find a tablecloth at a party supply store that matches your theme color (or choose a themed tablecloth). Some of the colored and themed baby shower tablecloths are the tissue paper type, which work quite well for baby shower decorations. You could have matching tablecloths - one for the gift table and one for the serving table.

You could make a baby banner out of posterboard or butcher paper that says something like:

Baby Shower!
Welcome Baby!
Great Expectations!
Oh Baby!
It's a Boy!
It's a Girl!
Congratulations Sarah!
or something else fun

Baby Garland - Some party supply stores sell garland with little tinsel baby shapes on it. It could be used to drape across the room, or a banister, or on a fake tree.

Buy a small, decorative pine tree and make a "Baby" Christmas tree. Buy light pink, light blue, or white Christmas lights. Add baby garland (see above). Hang ornaments like pacifiers, little baby socks, booties, bibs, rubber duckies, little rattles, stars, angel figurines, etc. You can decorate the tree with any theme you want.

Use cloth diapers or burp cloths for napkins.

Use baby bottles for condiments like ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, etc. Cut the nipple of the bottle bigger than normal for better flow. These are "small" touches that really add to the feel and mood of the baby shower.

Napkin holders can be pacifiers, teething rings, or safety pins.

A very classy and cute baby shower decoration is to make a "Baby Wreath". Everyone is decorating with wreaths these days, so making a baby wreath is a perfect baby shower decoration. How do you make one? Go to a craft store and buy a plain, undecorated wreath. There are wreaths made of ivy, pine, berries, twigs, straw, and more. Buy one that will match your theme the best (e.g. Winnie the Pooh - red berries, Nursery Rhyme - straw). If you are not having a specific theme and are just decorating with "baby" decorations, then any material will work. Next, make a little sign that says

the Baby's name
Baby Shower
Oh Baby!
or some other cute saying

Or you could buy little letters of wood or aluminum and spell the baby's name or Winnie the Pooh, or one of the sayings above. Fasten the letters or the little sign with tape or hot glue or tie it on with string. Then, tie on or fasten or glue little baby items on the wreath. These items could be: pacifiers, safety pins, little rattles, small bottles, teething rings, baby socks, baby shoes, etc. You can customize your wreath to fit your specific baby shower theme. For example: for a Winnie the Pooh theme you could fasten a little beehive, little bees, little figurines of Tigger, piglet, and of course Winnie the Pooh. You could fasten a little kite, or a pot of honey, and more. This is your chance to be creative! Have fun with it. Give the wreath to the expectant mother for your gift and she can use it for decorating the baby's nursery.


How to Choose the Perfect Baby Shower Decorations:

1. What is the theme of the baby shower?
          This is the #1 biggest influence on your baby shower decorations. You will want to convey the baby shower theme throughout your decorations. Here are some absolutely darling themed baby shower decorations & ideas for some specific baby shower themes.

2. Where are you having the baby shower?
This will determine how much or how little you will need to decorate. Is it in a big room with high ceilings? (It would be tough to tape streamers to a high ceiling). Is it in a restaurant? (If so, you are limited to just decorating the table where the party will be). Are there places to hang a clothesline up in your house? These are factors that will help you decide what baby shower decorations you can and/or should use.

3. Of course you must consider your budget.
How much do you want to spend on decorations for the baby shower? If you are on a tight budget, you will want to keep your baby shower decorations simple but not scarce.


Best Wishes on your Baby Shower Decorations!

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