Adoption Baby Shower Ideas

adoption baby shower

Throw an Adoption Baby Shower! Adoption is a miracle in the lives of the new parents and should be celebrated in equal manner as any other baby shower. Adoptive mothers and fathers need and deserve just as much love and support as birth parents.

There are some concerns and details to take into account that are specific to an adoptive baby shower:

When to Throw an Adoption Baby Shower

In the course of adopting a child, there can be many delays which cause the actual adoption date to be very unpredictable. For this reason, it is highly recommended to hold the baby shower AFTER the baby is placed with the adoptive parents. This avoids buying clothes that may no longer fit the adopted child, undue frustration about lengthy adoption prodedures (a premature baby shower gets the adoptive parents excited about their baby and then if placement doesn't happen for another 2 months or more, it is a bigger source of frustration and disappointment for the parents). So, it's best to wait until the baby is safely with the parents.

Give the adoptive parents a few weeks with their new child before throwing the baby shower. Talk with them to see when would be best for them.

Adoption Baby Shower Invitations

Send the baby shower invitations out after the child is with the parents about 3-4 weeks before the shower. It is also a REALLY good idea to include the age of the child on the invitations. This helps the guests to buy age appropriate clothes and gifts. It's also good to include the adopted child's name and adoption date.

Avoid any references on the invitations (and the entire baby shower for that matter) to pregnancy, birth, labor stories, etc. as the new mom may be sensitive to such issues.

Adoption Baby Shower Theme

As with any baby shower, an adoption baby shower can have a theme. Any theme can be used from " Angel " to " Sweet Pea " to " Winnie the Pooh " - anything except "pregnancy" of course. A popular theme for international adoption baby showers is a cultural theme for the country where the baby came from. For example, if the baby was adopted from China, you could do a Chinese theme with chinese food, customized fortune cookies for favors, and chinese music playing in the background.

Or if the baby was adopted from New York you could do a "Big Apple" theme. Wherever the child was adopted from, choose something distinctive about that area and use it for a theme. For example, if the child is adopted from the California coast, you could do an ocean theme.

A good theme to use is always the nursery theme that the expectant mother has chosen for the nursery. Many adoption baby showers are co-ed or Couples baby showers . The father-to-be has often put in just as much concern, effort and love into the adoption as the mother-to-be and so a Couples baby shower is a celebration for him too!

If no specific theme is desired, that is just fine. No theme is needed and you could just do a "baby" themed baby shower. All of these games , favors , decorations , and food ideas can be used for a general "baby" theme. And it can be a very CUTE baby shower with just a "baby" theme.

If the child is older than 2, you could throw a "Welcome Party" rather than a baby shower.

Adoption Baby Shower Games

Just like at any other baby shower, games are a fun way to celebrate a new child. They get all of the guests laughing, interacting and thinking about the new child. Here are some great games to paly at an adoption baby shower . Any baby themed games (like Baby Name Scramble, Baby Bingo, Nursery Rhyme game) are great choices and a lot of fun.

The only word of caution I have is to avoid any baby shower games that are related to preganancy (Guess how big Mommy's tummy is, for example). If the adopted child is over a year or two old, then the baby themed games might not be the best, but mother or parenting related games would be better. If it is an international adoption, you could play this international baby shower game ...

You could also create a game specifically for the mother, baby and/or adoption. For example, you could have a globe or map out and have people guess what part of China or Texas (or wherever the baby was born) the child was born. Or you could have everyone guess the child's birthday and give a prize to the closest guess.

Adoption Baby Shower Favors, Food and Decorations

The Favors , Food and Decorations depend wholly upon the Baby Shower Theme. There is no special consideration or difference with these details that pertain to an adoption baby shower specifically. Just follow the guidelines by clicking the links to each appropriate category.

Adoption Baby Shower Gifts

Adoptive parents need just as much love and support as do birth parents. And we can show that love through a baby shower gift.

When considering a gift for an adopted child, you should consider what age the baby is. Most adopted children are not newborns. So if a guest bought some newborn clothes and booties as a gift, it would be embarrassing if the gift was too small and didn't fit.

A baby older than 1 year old doesn't need baby formula. Diapers vary in size according to age and weight. Pacifiers might not be used by an older child.

Bottom Line for Gifts: Find out the age of the adopted child when he/she will be placed with the parents and buy an age related gift.


The addition of a child to a family, be it by birth, or adoption is a special and wonder event and one that should be celebrated. A baby shower for adopting parents is so meaningful for them and such a help! Be sensitive to the parents' feelings - there is no way to know the pain and hardship that may have preceded the adoption. No references to pregnancy. No references to birth or labor. No references to nursing. Focus on the baby and the parents' joy and the cute things they enjoy about their baby. Include the mommy-to-be in the planning and make it a memorable time of love for her and the father-to-be.

Good Luck on your Adoption Baby Shower!!

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