Scrapbooking Baby Shower
Unique Baby Shower Ideas!

All your planning has been done for you with these unique baby shower ideas for a scrapbooking baby shower.

unique baby shower ideas

Scrapbooking baby showers are all the rage these days.

Scrapbooking is becoming SO popular and it is SO addicting! There is just something about it that gets my heart pumping and gives me goosebumps. Maybe it's the vibrant colors, or the patterned paper, or the sight of a completed page proudly displaying several special photographs.

I can't explain it, but I often find myself thinking about it, planning for it, and anxiously awaiting for the next time.

So, it is no surprise that scrapbooking is being chosen more and more as the theme for baby showers.


How a Scrapbooking Baby Shower Works:

In your baby shower invitations, you will explain that the theme for the baby shower is scrapbooking. You will also explain that everyone is to bring enough scrapbook supplies to make a 2 page layout to give to the expectant mother. This includes paper, cutouts, stickers, and various types of embellishments.

During the shower, instead of baby shower games, each guest will make a 2 page layout for the expectant mother's baby book. Then she will have all her pages done and all she has to do is attach her baby photos (whenever she starts taking them after birth) and write any comments or details she would like on the page.


It is a fun and unique baby shower idea & theme. A new mother finds it very difficult to make time for scrapbooking photos of her new baby. She is too busy feeding, bathing, rocking, burping, and holding her baby. And she has to sleep once in a while, as well! So, a scrapbooking shower really helps her to already have the scrapbooking done and all she has to do is put pictures onto the already decorated pages.

So, here are a bunch of unique baby shower ideas for your Scrapbooking Party:


Scrapbooking Baby Shower Invitations

Scrapbooking baby shower invitations can be simple and sweet, they can be ornate and elaborate, or they can be anywhere in-between. It all depends on how much time you can spend on the invitations. If you want to make your own, there are some fabulous ideas & suggestions. Remember, making your own invitations doesn't need to take a lot of time and it is usually cheaper.

If you don't want to make your own, then here are some free printable baby shower invitations that are fun and stylish and easy to use. Also, they can give you some unique baby shower ideas for making your own.

In your invitation, be sure to let everyone know that it will be a scrapbooking baby shower. Include instructions to bring scrapbooking supplies to make at least one 2-page layout for the expectant mother's baby book. Be sure to include in the invitation what size the pages will be (find out from the expectant mother what size of pages she prefers, either 8 1/2 by 11 pages or 12 by 12 pages or 8 by 8 pages).

Also include instructions on what type of gift to bring - either a traditional baby shower gift or some scrapbooking items. Here is a unique baby shower idea of the baby shower wording you could use:

Come join us for a Scrappin' Good Time
At Julie Smith's Scrapbook Baby Shower!

Saturday, November 30th
At 5:30 pm at

The Jorgensen Home
1110 Pinecrest circle
Sunnyvale, CA

Shower given by Laurie White and Stephanie Hansen
Please RSVP to 555-5555

We are each going to be scrapbooking a 2 page layout (12x12 size pages) for Julie's baby book. So think of your favorite baby colors and themes, bring your scrapbooking materials for your layout, and be ready for a fun afternoon with the Mother of Honor!

So, use your creativity, your energy, and these ideas to create the Perfect Baby Shower Invitations!

Unique Baby Shower Ideas

Scrapbooking Baby Shower Favors and Prizes

This is the easy part! Shopping for scrapbooking baby shower favors and prizes isn't a "have-to-do", it's a "want-to-do" because it's so fun! The best scrapbooking baby shower favors and prizes are scrapbooking items and tools and materials, of course!

Just choose your baby shower favors and prizes from this fabulously fun list of unique baby shower ideas:
Packets of stickers
    All different themes
    Disney stickers
    Nursery Rhyme stickers
    Baby Stickers
    Old fashioned baby stickers
    Holiday themed stickers
Sheets of scrapbooking paper
    All different themes
    Colored paper
    Patterned paper
    Textured paper
    Nursery Rhyme paper
    Disney paper
    Baby paper
    Holiday themed paper
    Any and every kind of stamp
Ink pads for the stamps
    Any and all colors of ink
Any and all types of scrapbooking pens & markers
Die cuts of baby items
Cut-outs of baby figurines
Punches of all shapes
All types of Embellishments
Paper cutter
Scissors of all different shapes of blades
Glue dots
Adhesive dispenser
Scrapbooking magazines or books
Glue sticks
Organizational supplies for scrapbooking materials

Any other original & creative baby shower favors would also be quite fitting for a scrapbooking baby shower.

Unique Baby Shower Ideas

Scrapbooking Baby Shower Games

At a scrapbooking baby shower, you don't need as many baby shower games. The main activity instead of games is scrapbooking several baby pages to give to the expectant mother. And that provides as much fun and laughs as baby shower games do. But, 1 or 2 baby shower games can definitely add to the fun. You decide if you want to play some or not. If you do decide to play some baby shower games at your scrapbooking baby shower, choose 1 or 2 (maximum) baby shower games. You could play any of the fun baby shower games from this list...

I have a feeling that your baby shower is going to be a lot of fun!

Unique Baby Shower Ideas

Scrapbooking Baby Shower Gifts

One of the most enjoyable aspects about a scrapbooking baby shower is that there are two times (not just one) to give baby shower gifts to the expectant mother. The 1st time is when each guest shows their 2 page layout to everyone and then presents it to the mother of honor. The 2nd time is when the expectant mother opens the traditional baby shower gifts from everybody.

Here are some fabulous and unique baby shower ideas for baby shower gifts ...

You can garnish your traditional baby shower gift with a few small scrapbooking supplies. For example: Some fun baby themed paper or baby stickers, or Sesame Street or Disney paper, or baby themed cut-outs, etc. Look above at the baby shower favor list for these gift ideas and gift garnishments. If you know the expectant mother is having more than one baby shower, it might be fun to give scrapbook tools and supplies as baby shower gifts, instead of traditional baby shower gifts (like diapers, bottles, etc.)

Unique Baby Shower Ideas

Scrapbooking Baby Shower Decorations

You can be very casual and not decorate at all. Or you can deck the room with all the frills. Whatever you have the time and budget for. Decorating for this shower is a fun chance for your creativity to come out.

If you decide to do a few decorations, here are a few unique baby shower ideas for your decorations:

Start with choosing one wall of your party room to be your scrapbook "page". That's right, you can make this wall look like a scrapbook page. You will need to buy one or two rolls of colored butcher paper at a craft store. Then cover one wall with this paper. This is your scrapbook page! An easier way to do this would be to make one or two large pages and then taping them to the wall. A posterboard at the store is 28 by 22 inches. So, you could make the layout as big or as small as you want. To make it simple you could decorate two posterboards and tape them to the wall as your 2 page layout. There are many different colors of posterboard to choose from (light blue, pink, or yellow are good baby colors).

Some things you could put on your baby shower page:
     Make a large baby cut-out by buying a packet of colored construction paper or card stock (at a paper or craft store). Choose a skin-colored paper (tan or brown) and cut it out in the shapes of a head, arms, legs, and glue together to look like this: Use black paper to cut out a smile or a marker to draw one. And make a colored diaper for the baby (white, blue, or pink) Tape or glue the finished baby cut-out to your scrapbook "page" (the wall).

     It wouldn't be a scrapbook page without photographs! So, ask the expectant mother for 8 - 10 photos of herself: 1 or 2 during her pregnancy, maybe 1 of her before she was pregnant, or when she just found out, 1 of her when she started to show, maybe 1 picture of the ultrasound, 1 of her buying baby cloths, 1 of her when she is REALLY showing, 1 or 2 of her with the Daddy-to-be, maybe 1 of her looking at cribs or strollers, and any other fun photographs she wants to have people see. Tape these up on your huge scrapbook pages in a grouping of 4 or 5.

     Make an oversized baby crib, a rattle, a pacifier, a diaper, or a bottle out of your colored construction paper to decorate your pages even more.

Isn't this fun!

     Use your creativity to add fun pictures, decorations, and garnishments to make your huge scrapbooking pages.

Other Ideas:

If you don't want to make a large scrapbook page for decorations, you could still make 2 or 3 baby cutouts as explained above, and tape them on the walls.

Make a large blue or pink bow out of streamers.

Cut-outs are very popular to use in scrapbooking, so make a large cut-out of a safety pin, a crib, a rattle, a pacifier, a diaper, or a bottle. Use construction paper or cardstock.

Traditional decorations are always a nice way to "fill" or "complete" the room decorations. So add additional decorations as you see fit. These "traditional" decorations include:

All things baby blue or pink
A clothesline hung up across the room with little baby cloths and items pinned to it.
Balloons (either a group of balloons or scattered across the ceiling)
Flowers (either fresh or artificial)
Baby themed table cloths
Baby themed cups, plates, and napkins
A baby shower cake

Unique Baby Shower Ideas

Scrapbooking Baby Shower Centerpieces

Here are a few fun and unique baby shower ideas for the perfect "touch" at the party:

A Diaper Cake decorated with scrapbooking & baby supplies is downright adorable. Click here for instructions on how to make your own diaper cake ...

A beautiful flower arrangement would be an fresh and personal baby shower centerpiece (choose the mother's favorite flowers)

Display a scrapbook of the expectant mother (or even a collage of pictures of her) - it could be when she was a child or at any time in her life (or if she already has 1 or more children display a scrapbook of them). This is a great way for everyone to focus on the mother and her memories thus far in her life.

Unique Baby Shower Ideas

Scrapbooking Baby Shower Food

Any and all food is appropriate at a scrapbooking baby shower! Appropriate includes anything from punch and cookies to a light meal with an entree, appetizers, drinks and dessert.

So consider the time of day of the shower and your budget (and if anyone is helping you) and choose from these unique baby shower ideas & delightfully delicious baby shower recipes ...

Unique Baby Shower Ideas

Best Wishes on Your Scrapbooking Baby Shower!

Click here for more unique baby shower ideas ...


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