Katie Holmes Baby News
- It's a Baby Shower! -

Katie Holmes Baby News

Katie Holmes Baby Shower

Celebrity baby showers are fun to read about because they can give you great ideas for your own baby shower. But don't count on learning much from Katie Holme's baby shower!

There seem to be fewer details about Katie Holmes baby shower than there are about her upcoming marriage to Tom Cruise. But, what we do know is that Katie Holmes, who is rumored to be expecting a baby boy (due ANY DAY NOW!), was thrown a baby shower last Saturday, March 25th, 2006. It was held at the Scientology Center* in Los Angeles (1).

Katie wore loose pants and a white top, and had her hair in bangs (2). When asked how the baby shower was, Katie described it as "lovely" (1). And that is about all that is known concerning Katie's baby shower, at this point. After the baby shower, she took a walk with her mother and soon-to-be mother-in-law near Tom's Beverly Hills mansion (1).

Tom Cruise was not at the baby shower. Rather than opening presents of baby clothes and maternity gifts and playing baby shower games with Katie, Cruise was reportedly at his son Connor's baseball game (1).

Hopefully, we'll find out more baby shower details soon! Stay tuned for more Katie Holmes baby news...

* Tom Cruise is a prominent member of the Scientology religion and his bride-to-be, Katie, is reported have converted to the religion as well.

(1) TMZ.com

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