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Jennifer Garner's Baby Shower

Alias star and 1st-time-mom Jennifer Garner is all smiles these days after giving birth to a sweet little girl in December 2005. Before Violet Garner Affleck was born, there were several baby showers to celebrate her upcoming birth:

The first baby shower was given by her hometown of Charleston, West Virginia in Jennifer's honor on July 9, 2005, about 4 months before her delivery. "The cool part is, all the gifts collected at the 'Jen and Ben Baby Shower Night' were then donated to charity. Jen and her husband Ben Affleck were not in attendance at the West Virginia Power minor league baseball game, but more than 4,000 fans were there and hundreds took part in the charity drive, bringing gifts.

"Free admission was offered to anyone named 'Jennifer' or those donating items. The gifts were then sent to Starting Points, a nonprofit group serving children and the families of children under age 8." (1)

Jennifer Garner's 2nd baby shower, held 7 weeks before her delivery, was much more intimate with close family and friends. Not too many details are known about it, but it is reported that:

• Her baby shower theme was Purple (inspired by the chosen baby name "Violet"

• The menu included salad, quiche, and fruit (A very healthy menu for an expectant mommy!)

• Her baby shower gifts included personalized burp cloths and bibs with "Violet" embroidered on them, A "My Brest Friend" nursing pillow, and a little pink embroidered dress.

"As guests presented the gifts to Jennifer, they stood next to her and read a poem or told a story about her and Ben." (2)

Sounds like a warm and wonderful baby shower!

(1) www.blog.biggeststars.com
(2) US Magazine November 2005

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