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Leanna's Boy Baby Shower Ideas
For my daughter's baby shower, it was a boy. For our favors we bought the mini baby ruth candy bars and printed labels to match the writing on the candy bar, we covered up the Ruth part with the baby's name, his name is Rylee. So instead of the candy bars saying Baby Ruth, they said Baby Rylee. We also bought some blue string and hung it up like a clothes line, we took blue clothes pins and hung up copied pictures of the ultrasound, these were of his face, they were really good pictures you could see. We hung up an ultrasound picture with a candybar on the clothes line for everyone to take after the party. Everyone thought they were a great idea and the people close to him got to keep a picture of him before he was born.

Submitted by: Leanna from Cold Spring, KY
Thank You!

Laura's Baby Money Auction
All guests are asked to bring a wrapped "dollar-store" type gift. The games person makes up "baby-money' (paper money with clip of baby in middle). Decide on money value ($100, $1,000...) Each guest gets money on arrival (games person decides how much) Guests will win money by playing games. Winners of games get more, second, third... each player gets money for playing. Also, money is received for bringing wrapped "dollar-store" gift. Object is to pass out as much money as possible. After all games are played and money is gone the auction begins. The wrapped gifts are auctioned off one by one. It is hilarious to see and hear the women screaming the outrageous bids across the room (i.e. $20,000 for a "dollar-store" candle). You can vary the amounts and the way the money is disbursed. Object is to have as much money as possible. enjoy!! (Games person can buy all gifts herself, but that can be a burden)

Submitted by: Laura from Hill AFB, Utah
Thank You!

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