Creative Baby Shower Gifts

- Baby Shower Gifts for Mom & Dad -

Some creative baby shower gifts that have been becoming more and more popular to give at a baby shower are gifts for the mom and dad. These type of gifts are given to help the expectant parents relax and emotionally & physically prepare for a new baby. These gifts are anything from getting a massage to going out dinner.

This is also an excellent idea if the expectant mother already has 1 or more children. She already has the baby essentials like toys and diaper bags, so a " pamper gift " is the best gift she could receive!

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Here are numerous Baby Shower Mom & Dad ideas below to help you find the perfect baby shower gift!:


Baby Shower Gifts and Ideas for the Mother and Father

Countdown Clock

Pregnancy Massage Kit

Gift Certificate to Mom's favorite restaurant

Pedicure Appointment (at a salon)

Manicure Appointment (at a salon)

Spa & Massage package

Movie Tickets

Tickets to play, concert, choir, opera, or sporting event

Scented Lotions

Baby Sitting Coupons

House Cleaning Gift Certificate


Best Wishes on finding the Perfect Baby Shower Gift!

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