The Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

If you are wondering what the best baby shower gift ideas are, THINK DIAPERS. I know you're thinking "Diapers? How Boring." But truly the best baby shower gift is Diaper related items. WHY? Because a new mother can never have enough diapers! Diapers are a hot commodity when a mother is changing them multiple times a day. So, a few packages of diapers (cloth or disposable) are the staple, and then you can add additional diaper changing essentials to spice up your gift.

Also, if you want to get something more than just diapers, buy some diapers anyway to go along with your main gift.

Here are other baby shower gift ideas:
The Best Baby Shower Gifts

Here are numerous Diaper Baby Shower Gift Ideas below to help you find perfect baby shower gift!:


Baby Diaper Changing Essentials - Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Disposable Diapers

Cloth Diapers

Diaper Bag (Make sure it has a shoulder strap)

It is a good idea to have 2 diaper bags - one to use all around and a 2nd to keep in the car for a spare if you forget the main one when going somewhere.

Diaper Service subscription

Diaper Pail (with a deodorizer and a good seal for storing dirty diapers, and can be opened with a foot pedal)

Diaper Table Changing Pad

Baby Ointment or Petroleum Jelly (for diaper rash)

Baby Powder

Baby Diaper Rash Cream

Baby Oil

Baby Lotion

Baby Wipes (Avoid wipes that contain alcohol, which may cause diaper rash)

Baby Wipe Warmer

Diaper Storage Unit

A "special" Laundry bag and hamper for dirty washcloths & soiled clothes

Washable Changing Table Covers

Portable Changing Mat (that fits in the diaper bag)

Toy Distractions (which help for quicker and less hassle diaper changes)

Wash Cloths - You can never have enough!

Cotton Balls (to apply ointment or lotion with)

Diaper Cream


A diaper changing table

Tips and Suggestions for buying Diaper supplies as a Baby Shower Gift:

* Remember that diapers come in age appropriate sizes. It might be a good idea to buy some diapers that would fit Baby from 6 - 12 months.

* It helps to buy a colorful nursery lamp or picture to put by the changing area to keep Baby distracted during a diaper change.

* A musical CD with fun songs may distract a fussy baby during a diaper change.

What goes in a Diaper Bag:

12 or more diapers

A changing pad

3 wash cloths

1 pack of baby wipes


Several plastic bags for dirty diapers


1 extra change of baby clothes


2-3 burp cloths

1-2 bibs

1-2 pacifiers

Extra bottle and nipple



Best Wishes on selecting the Best Baby Shower Gifts!

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