Make the Cutest & Best Homemade Baby Shower Gifts!

These are some unique homemade Baby Shower Gifts & ideas and Baby Gift Baskets that you can put together yourself. They are inexpensive and give your baby shower gift a "personal" touch. They are also very useful gifts that the expectant mother will need for her newborn.

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These are some Very fun and absolutely darling baby shower gift ideas:


Make Your Own Diaper Cake

This is a very easy baby shower gift idea to make and is so cute too! It is also a very useful baby shower gift for the mother. Click here for instructions on How to Make Your Own Diaper Cake Baby Shower Gift ... These turn out looking downright adorable and really do look like cakes!

Good Luck!

Unique Homemade Baby Shower Gifts

Baby Brag Book

Every mother needs one (or more) of these! And no matter how many children the expectant mother already has, she will need to brag about each child. So this is a perfect baby shower gift idea for any mother, whether this is her 1st, 2nd, or 7th child.

What you will need:

1 (8" by 8") scrapbook
Various colored papers
Stickers and any other decorative embellishments that you like

How to make the baby shower gift
    You will be making a scrapbook for the expectant mother to be able to just insert photos of her new baby. A new mother rarely gets a chance to make a fun baby scrapbook (she's too busy with changing diapers, feeding the baby, and more). So this is a very helpful baby shower gift. With the 8" by 8" scrapbook, decorate each page with a baby theme.

You could make one page for bathtime, one page for bedtime, one page for play time, etc. Or choose another theme that you know the mother would like. You can decorate as much or as little as you want. Make the pages simple and sweet, or embellish them to the hilt. Just leave enough room for the photo! Sometimes "less is more", because you don't want to drown out the photo with all of the decorations.

Use stickers, poems, sayings, quotes, buttons, ribbons, etc to decorate with. On an 8" by 8" page, there is usually only enough room for one photograph, so leave enough space on the page for one 4" by 6" photograph. You can even find pre-decorated 8" by 8" scrapbooks for babies.

This is your gift to the mom - your time, your creativity, and your love. It will be great!

Unique Homemade Baby Shower Gifts

Sew What?!

Sewing can make a unique and darling baby shower gift of your time and talent. There are many patterns and ideas for baby items that you can sew. Go to a fabric store and look through their patterns for baby themes. Or here are a few ideas that you can find online:

A Baby Blanket
A Teddy Bear

What you will need:
    It depends on what you choose to sew. The pattern will specify the materials.

How to make the baby shower gift:
    The pattern will provide specific directions for the particular item you choose to sew.

Unique Homemade Baby Shower Gifts

Life Savers - A Book of Coupons

A few months after birth, when the new parents might be ready to go out on a date, a new mom and dad find it hard to ask people to baby-sit their new baby. Gifts of your time and help are some of the best and most useful. So, make them several useful coupons that they can use to help them out. You might make coupons for:

1 Night of Babysitting
1 Free House Cleaning
1 Dinner - Prepared and Delivered
1 Free Afternoon of Taxi Service
(running errands, taking kids to school, practice, etc.)
1 Free Saturday Morning Breakfast

These are just some ideas. There are many more things that a new mother would need help with. Don't feel like you have to give coupons for all these different ideas. Just give enough coupons for what you can handle. Even babysitting once or twice is worth its weight in gold to a new mom!

What you will need:
    Time and Love :]

How to make the baby shower gift
    Get some fun colored or patterned paper and cut them into coupon size cards. Decorate with baby stickers and write or print on them: who the coupon is for, what the coupon is good for, and by whom the coupon will be fulfilled.

Unique Homemade Baby Shower Gifts

Baby Frames

Framed pictures of family (and especially baby) are an inexpensive yet priceless baby shower gift idea.

What you will need:
    At a craft store or frame store, buy a nice frame that has 3 or 4 slots for photographs.

How to make the baby shower gift
    Take an existing photograph that you have of the expectant parents (if you don't have one of the couple, tell the expectant father what you are doing and ask him to give you a copy of one of their favorite photos to put in the frame.) You won't fill the others slots - those will be left for pictures of baby!

Unique Homemade Baby Shower Gifts

Good Luck on these Homemade Baby Shower Gifts!

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