Perfect Baby Shower Gift Ideas

A wonderful baby shower gift idea is Baby Wear and Clothing. Why? Because a new mother can never have enough clothing, onesies, outfits, etc for her baby. This is because a baby is always spitting up on clothing, soiling onesies & sleepers, and a new mom won't have to be doing laundry all the time if she has enough baby clothing for all those "surprises"!

Also, if the baby shower is in the summer, winter clothing is usually something a mother will never get. And vice versa. So, seasonal baby clothing is a great baby shower gift idea. As is "event" clothing, like church wear, travel wear, holiday wear, etc. Clothing care products are also nice to get, like baby safe laundry soap.

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Below you'll find numerous ideas to help you find the perfect baby shower gift!:


Baby Clothing Gift Ideas

Onesies (with buttons up one or both legs for easy diaper changes)

Baby T-shirts

Baby Pants

Sleepers (Make sure naptime clothing is flame retardant)

Nightgowns (Make sure naptime clothing is flame retardant)

Pajamas (Make sure naptime clothing is flame retardant)

Blanket Sleeper (Make sure naptime clothing is flame retardant)

Baby Socks

Baby Hats

Baby Shoes (With loose uppers - you should be able to feel Baby's toes through the shoes and Baby's toes should not be tight together)

Baby Shorts

Baby Sweaters

Cashmere Baby Clothes

Winter Baby Wear

Baby Parka

Baby Fleece Pants

Baby Safe laundry soap

Baby Church Outfit

Baby Winter Hat (maybe one with a visor?)

Baby Summer Hat (to shade her/him from sun burn)

Tips and Suggestions for buying Clothing as a Baby Shower Gift:

Things to look for in baby clothing:

• Buy clothing for different ages and stages - Not just the Newborn stage! Babies outgrow clothing quickly.

• Buy clothes made of good fabric that can withstand a lot of washing!

• Wide, stretchable necks

• Tight fitting head or arm openings are a hazard.

• Onesies or pants with buttons up one or both legs are so convenient for diaper changes!

• Dark colored clothes absorb more sunlight and keep Baby warmer. So darks are great for fall/winter times.

• Light colors are much better in the spring/summer because they don't absorb as much sun and keep Baby cooler.

A New Mom should be stocked with:

6-8 Onesies

3-4 Nightgowns or PJ's (that open at the bottom for easy diaper changes)

2-3 Light Sweaters

1-2 Thick Sweaters

3-4 Light stretch suits

3-4 Heavy stretch suits


Best Wishes on finding the Perfect Baby Shower Gift!

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