The Best Baby Shower Gifts

- Baby Safety Items -

The best baby shower gifts are the ones that will keep the baby safe, both from harm and from sickness. Baby Safety items are excellent baby shower gift ideas for a new mother!

Many of the Safety Items listed below are an afterthought, AFTER the baby has arrived. But they are very important to have on hand for any emergencies. So what more perfect baby shower gift could you get than a Baby Safety Gift Basket!

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Here are numerous Baby Safety ideas below to help you find the best baby shower gift!:


Baby Safety Basket Supplies - Best Baby Shower Gifts

Safety Gate - Look for one that swings instead of folds, they are safer.

Baby Monitor

Night Light

Baby Umbrella

Fire Extinguisher in the home

Thermometer to check baby's temperature

Emergency Phone Number card

A Tub Toy that changes color if the water is too hot for baby

Baby Finder Sticker on nursery room window

Radiator Cover

Non-slip Rug

First Aid Kit Items:

Sterile Gauze Pads of various sizes

First-Aid tape

Infant Thermometer (Rectal and Ear types)

Nail-Trimming Scissors

Infant non-aspirin liquid pain reliever (check on bottle to be sure that it is safe for newborns)



Cotton Balls

Mild Soap

Baby Moisturizing Cream

Baby Sunscreen (SPF of 15 or more)

Baby Safe Insect Repellent

Baby Cream or Lotion to treat insect bites

Petroleum Jelly

Antibacterial Ointment

Rubbing Alcohol to sterilize thermometers, scissors, etc.

Nasal Aspirator

Medicine Dropper

Tongue Depressors

A Flashlight (to check ears, nose and throat)

A First-Aid Reference Book

** These items are suggestions of things you could buy as baby shower gifts to give to the expectant mother for her to have in the home to help better keep her baby safe. However, this is in no manner meant to be an authoritative and/or comprehensive list of everything that one would need for a baby's safety. In all cases, check with the manufacturer to determine if a particular item is appropriate and safe for a baby.


Best Wishes on finding the Perfect Baby Shower Gift!!

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