Great Baby Shower Gifts!

- Baby Travel Gifts -

The Baby Travel gift ideas below are great baby shower gifts. Why? Because new mothers and fathers are on the go more and more in our fast paced world, so travel baby items like baby slings, travel cribs, and all sorts of portable baby supplies are great ideas for baby shower gifts.

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Here are numerous Baby Travel ideas below to help you find the perfect baby shower gift!:


Baby Travel supplies - Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby Car Seat

Baby Car Seat Cover

Baby Stroller

Baby Stroller Cover/Hood

Jogging Stroller

Travel Stroller (This type is collapsible so it will fit in a trunk or on an airplane - but make sure it is sturdy so it doesn't collapse on the baby).

Car Window Shade

Baby Slings - perfect for a hike, a stroll through the zoo, and any other outings

Front or Back Baby Carrier

Baby Car Mirror

Travel Crib

Nursery Monitor (if you are staying the night at Grandma's house)

Shopping Cart Cover

Portable Baby Swing

Portable Play Yard

Portable Activity Dome

Clamp-on Umbrella for Stroller

A Bug Screen for a Play Yard or Play Dome

Extra Diaper Bag - To keep in the car as a spare

Portable play yards and gyms are nice because mothers are always going to get-togethers, the park, or a friend's house that is not baby-proof. These portable items make it nice to have a safe place to put Baby.


Best Wishes on finding the Perfect Baby Shower Gift!

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