The Perfect Baby Shower Gift Idea

Baby Bedtime items is an excellent baby shower gift idea for a new mother! A new mother needs extra baby sleepwear, baby bed linen, and crib toys to help Baby get a good night's sleep!

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Here are numerous Baby Bedtime ideas below to help you find the perfect baby shower gift!:


Baby Bedtime - Gift Ideas

Receiving Blanket

Baby Crib Sheets

Moisture Proof Mattress Pad

Fitted Crib Sheets

Crib Bumper Pads

Baby Safe Laundry Soap

Crib Mirror

Baby Mobile

Night Light




Portable Bassinet

Tips and Suggestions for buying Bedtime supplies as a Baby Shower Gift

* A new mom should be stocked with these essential Nursery Linens

• 3-4 Crib or Bassinet Sheets

• 2 Waterproof Mattress Pads

• 2 Waterproof lap pads

• 5-6 Receiving Blankets

• 4-5 Hooded Towels

• 5-6 Wash Cloths


Best Wishes on finding the Perfect Baby Shower Gift!

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