A Cake with a Kick! Check out this Cute Diaper Cake Idea

Yellow and orange are lively colors and a great diaper cake idea! This is a cake that will really bring some life to the party. And it is a great color theme to go with if you don't know the gender of the baby.

Holly is the creator of this wonderful diaper cake and boy are we grateful for her contribution! Holly has shared her time and creativity with us by sharing her cute diaper cake idea. The readers of this website are amazingly helpful and generous in sharing their ideas. Thank you, Holly, for making this website a more useful and vibrant baby shower resource for the rest of us!!

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Holly's Yellow & Orange Diaper Cake

Orange Diaper Cake

Holly's Comments:
I loved this website and found the directions to be easy. Making the cake was time consuming but not hard and it was a lot of fun. Especially when viewing the finished product.

I used a total of 63 size 2 diapers. I chose size 2 because I figured everyone gives size 1 diapers and I wanted the Mommy-to-be to enjoy the cake as a decoration and not have to take the cake apart too soon.

For my first tier I used a 15oz Huggies Cucumber and Green Tea Baby Wash bottle. The first ring consisted of 7 diapers, the second ring took 13 diapers and the last ring took 18 diapers.

The 2nd tier used a total of 19 diapers (7 for the inner ring and 12 for the outer ring). For the final tier I used a 4oz. Dr. Brown's Easy Flo bottle wrapped with 6 diapers.

I really enjoyed decorating the cake, using ribbon, layering the ribbon and adding the toys. I used toys from my daughter and mini cake decorations from my baby shower to decorate the cake. I chose yellow, orange and burgandy because I did not know the sex of the baby. I love the way it turned out.

I purchased a total of 6 yards of 1 1/2" ribbon (yellow and orange plaid), 12 yards of 1/4" ribbon (yellow), 6 yards of 1/2" ribbon (orange with yellow polka dots) and 6 yards of 1/4" burgandy ribbon. I did have ribbon left over. The Mommy-to-be loved the diaper cake. She thought it was great and so unique. People at the party were amazed and had only seen the cakes made from burp clothes, Not diapers. It was a hit!!!

SO, enjoy and be creative. It will be a success!

Orange Diaper Cake

Holly - it turned out amazing! Thank you for sharing your FABULOUS diaper cake with us!!

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