Pink & Girly Diaper Cake

This Pink and Girly diaper cake is loaded with ribbon, bows and everything girly! I love the 3 types of ribbon, the filmy bows and all the embellishments. !

This adorable diaper cake is brought to us by Sandy, one of our wonderful readers from Illinois. She loaded this diaper cake up with cute decorations and loaded us up with cute ideas at the same time. She has also shared some helpful tips & hints to make your own diaper cake. Sandy has joined our dear group of readers who are “paying it forward” by sharing their creativity, photos and tips on making a diaper cake. Thanks for the inspiration Sandy!! Your cake is so pretty!

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Sandy's Pink & Girly Diaper Cake

Pink & Girly Diaper Cake

Sandy's Comments:

Cake made up of 100+ diapers. Each layer rapped with receiving blankets and decorative ribbon. Items held on with ribbon, double sided tape, and diaper pins.

some items on cake are:

rolled up wash cloth

toiletries with ribbon to pretty them up

baby spoons


pacifier clip

cute rubber ducky

small picture frame (used to cover where receivng blanket didn't quite meet. We tried to remove some diapers but we would lose circular shape and size we wanted. lol)

baby mits

teddy bear and bottle on top


Get very plain design diapers or make sure you get a pattern that will work with your design. We learned the hard way and had to use tissue paper between layers to cover ugly pattern on bottom two layers. We used Pampers swaddlers on top layer.


Pink & Girly Diaper Cake

Sandy, it's a very cute diaper cake! Thanks again for sharing!!

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