Princess Diaper Cake

This Princess Diaper Cake definitely lives up to it's name! It is loaded to the hilt with baby essentials and it is beautiful as well! See how it was made with Andrea's diaper cake recipe below...

Andrea's wonderful diaper cake is a creative source of inspiration and ideas for the rest of us! She is part of the foundation of this website, because she is "paying it forward" by sharing her ideas for the rest of us to see. This website is a thorough and cute resource because of our amazing readers! So Thank You, Andrea! Your diaper cake is fabulous!

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Andrea's Girl Diaper Cake

Princess Diaper Cake Recipe

Andrea's Comments:
I used a package of 60 diapers, size 1. I used rubber bands to wrap each diaper and then large bands to hold the tiers together. I did need help to get the tiers together. I rolled a baby blanket and used it for the middle of the tiers. I wrapped ribbon around the cake to cover the rubber bands and used double stick tape to attach the goodies. I curled "It's a girl" ribbon and stuck them randomly in the diapers.

Princess Diaper Cake Recipe

Truly an amazing diaper cake, Andrea! Thanks so much for sharing!!

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