Darling Duck Baby Shower Cake

If you want to make a Duck Baby Shower Cake, you have a wonderful array of ideas right here in this adorable diaper cake submitted by Heather. She used a fun theme, bright colors and a great assortment of toys, clothes & other baby items. She also included a description & pictures of cupcakes she used, and her decorations!!

What a cute collection of baby shower ideas. Heather is a wonderful asset to this website by submitting her great ideas & pictures. She is one of our many thoughtful readers who "Pay it Forward" by sharing ideas to help the rest of us plan the perfect baby shower. Thank you Heather!

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Heather's Duck Baby Shower Cake

Duck Baby Shower Cake

Heather's Comments:
I followed basic instructions from this website and found it was fun and easy to create a diaper cake!

"Core" - 1 large bottle Johnson's baby shampoo, 1 smaller bottle Aveeno baby wash

Bottom Layer - 44 sz 1 Pamper's Swaddlers. Outler layer wrapped in 6 baby washcloths

Middle Layer - 23 Newborn Pamper's Swaddlers. Outler layer wrapped in 1 receiving blanket

Top Layer - 15 Newborn Pamper's Swaddlers. Entire layer stuffed inside one newborn onesie

Each diaper was rolled and secured with clear hair elastics, then groups of diapers were bound with large rubberbands and finally covered with satin ribbon fastened with Res-Q fabric tape. Decorations included 4 wooden toys (by Melissa & Doug). The top was a plush rattle duck on a 'nest' of plastic links. I estimate the total project cost was about $60 because I was able to score some fantastic sales on the blanket and toys and used coupons, etc. The retail value of the cake is closer to $100.

I can't wait to make another diaper cake!

Other decorations: baby clothesline filled with outfits, onesies, bib, shoes & blanket. Plus your traditional hanging cut-outs, flowers, balloons, etc.

Food: Buffet style - chicken salad, rolls, mini quiches, veggies & dip, Pineapple~Orange Punch, Chocolate Fountain with dippers: marshmallows, dried apricots, pretzle rods, strawberries and pineapple. Cupcake cake to match invitations.

Favors: Gift bags filled with bags of microwavable popcorn (labeled Amy's Ready to Pop!) and Hershey minis and kisses also labeled with the Mom-to-Be's name and shower date. Beverages also labeled and all labels matched invitations. All items purchased from eBayer 'Bless Express'.

Kelly Williams

Duck Baby Shower Cake

Baby Shower Clothesline Decoration

Umbrella Baby Shower Cupcakes

Thanks Heather! Your diaper cake turned out so cute!!

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