Noahs Ark Diaper Cake

What a creative, unique and delightfully fun Noah's Ark Diaper Cake! This will be an adorable addition to a baby shower. Everything from the animals to the shape of the ark itself, Artemisia has gone all out on this amazing diaper cake!

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Noah's Ark Diaper Cake

Noahs Ark diaper cake

Artemisia's Comments:
I made this Noah's Ark themed diaper cake for a baby shower. It consists of 56 diapers, baby's blanket, bottles, lotion, baby powder and different kinds of animals. Noah's Ark is made of cardboard. The inside and outside of the ark is lined with felt.

Noahs Ark diaper cake

This favor goes with the NOAH'S ARK Diaper cake. It is primarily made of felt and contains almonds in a candy coated shell.

Noahs Ark diaper cake

Made by:

Truly a masterpiece Artemisia - Thank you for sharing!!

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