Monkey Diaper Cake

This fun & creative monkey diaper cake is dripping with creativity! Just take a look below. I love the colors, the flowers and the pillars give it such a unique & fun look! What a beautiful diaper cake!

This work of art is the 2nd diaper cake that Lynn has submitted - and they are both AMAZING! Click here to see her other one. Lynn is truly a wonderful person for sharing her stunning diaper cake ideas with all of us. She is numbered among our many remarkable readers who give of themselves to share their ideas with the rest of us. Thank you Lynn! What an inspiration!

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Lynn's Monkey Diaper Cake

Monkey Diaper Cake

Lynn's Comments:
I loved the colors that this one ended up with. Sometime the cakes just take on a life of their own and it's best if you just run with it. This cakes ingredients are:1 fitted crib sheet - 1 sheet saver pad - 1 sock monkey - 3 burp cloths - 1 pair of baby shoes - 3 onesies - 2 sets of disposable flatware - 2 wash cloth lollipops - 4 PeePee TeePee's - 50 disposable diapers ( size 3 ).

I like to use the cake columns in order to create a space for extra fillings and also adds height to make the cake really grande.
Hope you like it.

Lynn Lyle - Lutz, FL

Lynn, a huge thanks from everyone reading this!!

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