Gummi Bear Palace

by Kimberly So
(San Jose, CA)

Check out Kimberly's Gummi Bear Diaper Cake! She shared her delightful diaper cake and a fantastic description of how she made it. BTW, Kimberly has a humorous way with words :]

We love our readers, like Kimberly, who have shared ideas, tips and pictures with us. Thanks Kimberly!!

Kimberly's Comments:

Gummi Bear Palace for Baby Lili

Rolled all 100 diapers and place rubber band on, Size one mostly. Roll toward opened side. Hot Glue Gun... Get one, they are the best. (Careful don't glue diapers, they'll tear.) Glued toilet paper roll (or paper towel roll works too) to plate in middle. Two layers of diapers. Did this 4 times. (Stick to lighter items, less pull)Put items inside and outside. I used gold safety pins to attach everything, And if it lacked a place to hook I added ribbon and tied it on. Used wired large ribbon on all tiers. I used sheer, but looking back I would like to use a non sheer next time. I even put baby wipes in the top tier. It was it hit at the baby shower and it was my first one. I will attempt this again. My son named it. Leave it up to a 11 year old.


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