Sweet Baby Girl Diaper Cake

by Cara & Savanna

topview, sock roses

topview, sock roses

So lovely to look at!! This sweet and charming diaper cake has some wonderful ideas that will inspire you as you create your own diaper cake. The touches of color, cute ribbon and floral pieces are darling! So well done.

Cara and Savanna made this delightful diaper cake and wanted to share their ideas and pictures with the rest of us. They are two more amazing readers who are paying it forward! Cara and Savanna, thanks so much for your gorgeous cake!

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In their own words:
This was our first try at a diaper cake and we were very pleased with how it turned out. We made it for my daughter's friend's baby shower. Everyone at the shower loved it!

We decorated the top with 1/2 a dozen sock roses and a few faux flowers. Each tier was decorated with mini-clips, bows, and barrettes. Tucked among the diapers we included a pink hairbrush, comb, medicine dropper, the thing you use to clean out their little noses, and a pacifier. We set the cake on a pretty serving tray.

It did end up taking more than the 60 diapers we originally bought. That didn't quite finish the second layer, so we had to go buy another pack and use about 12 out of it. The extra diapers will come in handy for us though when my daughter has my first grandson next month! I am now working on her diaper cake.

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