Rubber Ducky Diaper Cake

A creative grandmother-to-be made this cute Rubber Ducky Diaper Cake. It is so CUTE! I am a big fan of yellow & blue combinations and this rubber ducky diaper cake is a wonderful example. And Rubber Ducky is a classic baby shower theme, so it makes for a great diaper cake theme as well.

I love stories like this one of a reader who comes for ideas & instruction and then creates something beautiful. And it is readers like this sweet grandmother-in-waiting who give the rest of us confidence and inspiration to venture forth and create a unique & special diaper cake. She also shared with us some wonderful tips, ideas and instructions on how she made it - you'll find 'em below the picture. Thanks for paying it forward!!

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Rubber Ducky Diaper Cake

Rubber Ducky Diaper Cake

Our 1st grandchild is expected in Oct. 2009 and my two daughters are hosting a Baby Shower Brunch for my son's wife. They chose a Rubber Duckie theme and it is reflected in the invitations (postcards generated with the Hallmark Card Studio 2008), Baby Shower duckies and napkins from Oriental Trading, and a Rubber Duckie Diaper Cake made by me.

I did a few things different than some of the directions. After rolling up the diapers (I used Stage 2 size), I secured them with clear pony tail rubber bands by Goody. I used 8 rolled diapers for the centers of the 1st and 2nd layers, tying them together with blue baby yarn (hubby lent his finger to secure the knot). I added two more rows of diapers for the 1st layer, again tying each row with baby yarn, and added only one more row for the 2nd layer. I used 7 diapers around an 8 oz. baby bottle for the 3rd (top) layer, tied with baby yarn.

I had a 16" cake circle for the base and instead of covering it with wrapping paper, I had found a set of 3 burp cloths (2 with ducks and 1 with tiny animals) that I draped across the base, spacing them evenly as spokes. There were 6 little triangles of space at the edge of the base so I set a little toy rubber ducky on each.

I had found some great ribbons, 1 sheer royal blue and 1 with duckies, so I layered the ducks over the sheer, around all 3 layers, covering the baby yarn. Instead of using 12" lengths of ribbon to tie the diapers, I tied them into little bows and used double-sided tape to place them at the bottom edge of each layer, just as you would pipe a border on a regular cake. I used bright yellow for the bottom and top layer and royal blue for the middle layer; both were 1/4" wide French ribbon.

I used only double-sided tape to hold things down and onto the cake. I secured the ends of the burp cloths to the cake circle, the bows to the base of each layer, and the little sample bottles to the cake all with the double-sided tape. I secured the middle layer to the bottom, inserting one set of disposable chop sticks (taking up space in a junk drawer!) through both layers, top to bottom, lining them up east & west, and then secured the top to the middle, and a bit down into the bottom, with a 2nd set of chop sticks, lining up north & south. They work great!

I added a couple of pacifiers, 4 decorative rattles and the little sample bottles to the body of the cake. For the top, I tied, with the royal blue French ribbon, a furry ducky rattle to the top of the baby bottle, adding a charm that reads, 'It's a Boy!' to the ribbon. I also placed a teething toy around the bottle and it laid quite nicely on the top, as the finishing touch.

Last of all, I split a new trash bag and draped it over the cake; the shower is in a couple of weeks, and I don't want it to get dusty in the meantime. It will be the center piece for our buffet table. We are thinking of using it, also, as the focus of a memory shower game--how many of each and what is on the Diaper Cake.

Thanks for your instructions--it certainly inspired me to give this a try and I am thrilled with how it came out!

Rubber Ducky Diaper Cake

Thanks Again! What an extraordinary rubber ducky diaper cake!!

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