Train Diaper Cake

by April

R-E-S-P-E-C-T! That is what I have for April after seeing her train diaper cake above. SO COOL! And SO CREATIVE! There are some people who are not afraid to try anything and April is definitely one of those people! And every diaper cake she has submitted is downright fabulous.

We are delighted to have April's train diaper cake on the website and know that it will inspire thousands of our readers who are searching for cute & clever ideas for baby showers. So thank you, April, for sharing your original and delectable diaper cake!! Read April's 'recipe' and tips below.

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April's Comments:
Trains are a tricky thing! There aren't any good directions out there!!!! I started by swirling the diapers for the 'back end' of the train to determine how many diapers to use. (oh.. not real sure how many in total i used on this one.. it was only my 2nd diaper cake EVER! check out my Bassinet Diaper cake... the latest and the 3rd one.. lol i will guess around 60 size 1 pamper swaddlers) i just wanted a good size to work with. I then took a receiving blanket and wrapped it around.. then another blanket around that. Then comes the ribbon... oh how we need ribbon because LOTS of hot glue is involved!!!! then i made six 'wheels' (not that trains have wheels :) out of 6 diapers swirled in together. i then hot glued ribbon around each individual wheel. I then stuck a pencil through the wheels that would be beside each other... and hot glued the wheels that would be in front of and behind each other. i found a really cute train book that i wrapped in blue paper and laid it on top of the wheels. i then rolled a large receiving blanket into the front end of the train and used double sided sticky tape to secure it to the book. Now comes the tricky part!!! you have to glue the 'back end' of the train to the 'wheels'! i realized that having the support of all the other stuff in front REALLY helps!!!!! i finished it off with some bibs and a pacifier... and there you have a train diaper cake, april's way :)

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