It's a Boy Baby Shower Cake
To take to the hospital.

Here is an adorable Boy Baby Shower Cake submitted by one of our readers. It's amazing what some Blues Clues diapers, some blue and green ribbons and some cute baby decorations can look like when you blend them all together! I love the colors on this cake - they give it such a fun flair!

Thanks goes to Kelly for sharing her wonderful baby shower cake! Her creativity and adorable ideas are an inspiration to all of our readers and make this website a more quality resource for EVERYONE! So thanks from all of us to Kelly, for "paying it forward" with your diaper cake ideas!!

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Kelly's It's a Boy Baby Shower Cake
To take to the hospital

Picture of boy diaper cake

Kelly's Comments:
My boyfriend's brother and his wife are expecting their 4th child, FIRST BOY, this week, and I've been wanting to do one of these ever since I saw it at a baby shower last fall. The theme is just "It's a Boy!" We don't know what his name will be yet. Blue and green color scheme, with Blue's Clues diapers! I had a lot of fun and I'm pretty happy with it, except some of the ribbon isn't tight enough around the layers and it slips so you can see the rubberbands. Next time I would probably try to get a wider ribbon just to be safe. But from a distance....I think it looks very nice! :) There are 58 diapers, 3 lil hats, 5 lil onesies, 1 bottle baby shampoo, 1 5 oz bottle, an I Love My Daddy bib, and 2 binkies!! And lots of rubberbands and ribbon. :) There's a picture of it in the shrink wrap too. I didn't do a great job on that but it was my first time using it.

Indianapolis, IN

Boy Baby Shower Cake

Boy diaper cake

Thanks so much Kelly! No one would know that this was your first diaper cake - It turned out SO cute!

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