Bath Time Diaper Cake

This adorable Bath Time Diaper Cake has everything a new mommy needs to give her newborn a soothing & sweet bath. What a great diaper cake theme! Rubber duckies are a must, washcloths, shampoo, soap & more. And blue and yellow are the perfect colors!

Rebeckah created this cute diaper cake and wanted to share it with the rest of us! She has "paid it forward" with her fun bath time photos and ideas. Rebeckah and many other wonderful readers are an invaluable part of this website and I want to thank Rebeckah for her contribution and her CUTE diaper cake!!

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Rebeckah's Bath Time/Rubber Duckie Diaper Cake

Bath Time Diaper Cake

Rebeckah's Comments:
Just wanted to show my Diaper Cake that I did for a friends Bath time/Rubber duckie themed shower. I took the travel sized bath pack by Johnson & Johnson and some duckie receiving blankets and wash cloths a duckie toy,a bath water temp duckie and some rubber duckies from the dollar store. Got some ribbons to match and the clear gift basket for baby shower to cover it.


Bath time diaper cake
Above is the diaper cake assembly, just before covering each layer with the duckie receiving blankets.

Bath Time Diaper Cake
The finished diaper cake!

Rebeckah - Thanks for sharing your darling diaper cake!

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