Hawaiian Baby Diaper Cake

This Hawaiian-themed baby diaper cake turned out beautiful! It was submitted by Kris and she included her detailed diaper cake recipe below, with the corresponding cost of each ingredient. Thank you so much, Kris, for submitting your photos and instructions - they are so helpful!

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Kris's Baby Shower Diaper Cake

baby diaper cake

The baby shower we are giving is a large co-ed shower.The mom to be didnt want everything "babyish" so we went with a hawaiian themed baby shower.

My diaper cake ingredients:

1 pkg size 1 diapers- 82 count = $12.00
1 pkg size 2 diapers- 76 count = $ 13.00
1 1/2 inch satin rainbow ribbon (9 yards)= $12.00
1 bottle of pedialyte in center= $4.00
1 4 oz baby bottle for top 2 tiers= $1.00
Batch of fake hibiscus flowers = on sale $2.00
3 small orange flowers= $1.00
5 Lei's(local party store)= $6.00
Hawaiian print candies= $5.50
Assorted it's a boy chocolates= $5.00
Baby picture frame= $2.00
8 baby wash cloths= $4.00
Tropical fish Lollipops=$2.00
Rubber ducks and fish=$3.00
Large bag rubber bands assorted sixes=$0.99
Double sided tape(to secure everything)=$ 3.50
1 baby outfit sz 6 months(hidden inside) $10.00

I bought everything first over a couple of days then started assembling. Total time for assembly was about 4 hours start to finish.

My base isn't shown but it was a large piece of cardboard decorated to look like a beach.

baby diaper cake picture

Baby diaper cake

Baby Diaper Cake

Thanks Again Kris! It is a beautiful Baby Diaper Cake!!

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