Toy Diaper Cake

This toy diaper cake comes to us all the way from Durban, South Africa. Bronwyn made this cake for her sister and what a cake it is! Here are some fantastic ideas and some fun colors to use in a diaper cake. Bronwyn's sister is in for a wonderful surprise!!

This website continues to grow in value and quality ideas thanks to Bronwyn for submitting her cute diaper cake pictures. This website is a reflection of all our wonderful readers!! So THANK YOU Bronwyn!

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Bronwyn's Toy Diaper Cake

Toy Diaper Cake


My name is Bronwyn and I am from Durban, in South Africa

I am hosting my sisters baby shower on the 1 December 2007, and after visiting your website decided to try making a diaper cake. I thought I'd do it early just in case things didn't workout, but I'm quite impressed by the outcome.

We know that she is having a boy, but I thought doing the cake in blue would be so clichéd so I decided on a toy theme with lots of bright colours.

I have to thank you guys for a wonderful idea, which will make my sister's shower unique.

1 cake Board as a base
1 x 5m Thick Red Ribbon
1 pack of size 2 Pampers (68's)
1 x Johnsons baby powder
1 x Johnsons Aqueous cream
1 x Pigeon Bottle for the top to rest "crowning" toy

I bought loads of educational, pram and car seat toys etc, and I used the basic idea from your website on how to make the cake.

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Thanks Bronwyn! I know your sister will LOVE it!!

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