Baby Boy Diaper Cake

The more blue the better with this cute baby boy diaper cake! This cake has 4 tiers, many toys and lots of love! Cheyenne from Kentucky made this diaper cake and shared with us her cute cake ideas.

Cheyenne continues our never-ending community of simply wonderful readers who come to this website for ideas and then turn around and share their own ideas. It is people like Cheyenne that make this website so useful and such a help. Thank you Cheyenne!! What a cute cake!

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Cheyenne's Baby Boy Diaper Cake

Baby Blue Diaper Cake

Cheyenne's Comments:
I made this diaper cake when I decided to go to a baby shower last minute. The pictures are kind of blurry but you can still see some details. I made my diaper cake taller rather than wide.

I only used about 50 diapers. Total cost was about $20-$25. Decorations included: 2 bibs, 2 pairs of socks, travel size baby wash, shampoo, and powder, a rattle, a teething ring, a rubber ducky for the topper, a package of links, a brush and comb.

I just rolled up the diapers and secured them with rubber bands, then secured the entire layer with a rubber band and covered with blue ribbon. The diaper cake looks blue because I rolled the diapers from the bottom so that the design on the diapers showed. (I didn't use anything in the center of the layers.) I placed the travel size bottles behind the bow of the ribbon on the 1st and 2nd layers from the bottom.

On the 2nd layer from the bottom I took the socks and hung one pair over the ribbon on each side of the bow. I placed the teething ring on top of the top layer of diapers and sat the rubber duck in the middle. I strung the links from the back of the teething ring at the top to the bottom layer of diapers and attached it to the ribbon. I put the bibs on the back of the diaper cake.

I used an inexpensive cake stand that I already had to display the diaper cake. I put it behind the gifts and food at the shower. My diaper cake was a hit at the shower. Most of the guests had never seen one before neither had the mother.

Baby Blue Diaper Cake

Baby Blue Diaper Cake

Cheyenne - Thanks for sharing your cute baby boy diaper cake!

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