4-Tier Mommy-n-Me-Lilac Pink Rose Diaper Cake

by E. Vera
(Raleigh, NC)

Get a load of this splendid 4-tier Pink Rose Diaper Cake! It is such a pretty, bright diaper cake! Cute ribbon, great use of the columns, and I love the lace at the bottom of the tiers! Gives the cake a beautiful touch.

Read Vera's comments below to see how she made this creative cake. Her story is a great one and we love posting it to our diaper cake gallery. Vera is paying it forward with her ideas and photos. Thanks sooo much for sharing Vera!!

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In Vera's Own Words:
I have made a diaper cake before but never like this. My best friend in NYC was having a babyshower and I wasn't able to attend. So I wanted to make something special for her and the baby and that's where I came up with the Mommy-n-Me diaper cake. I didn't have a clue what I wanted to look like but here it is. :)

For Baby:
40 diapers size 1 - 2
1 pack washcloths
1 pink teddy
3 socks
1 bottle of baby lotion

For Mommy:
1 body Butter
1 shower gel
1 body lotion
1 lofah

For Cake:
1 pack 10" cake boards - used 2 bottom and middle
1 pack 12" cake boards - used for top portion bottom
1 package cake pillars - used in the middle
3 sets of purple/Lilac roses
1 roll of hot pink ribbon
1 roll of printed
50 rubber bands (med)
glue gun, scissors, double sided tape.

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