Blue Teddy Diaper Cake

This darling blue teddy diaper cake is tall, cute and perfect for a baby shower. It's got all the good ingredients for a fun diaper cake, teddy bear and all! Take a look how this cake was made below.

This cake is actually British born, submitted by Linda from Sussex, England. And boy are we glad to have it. You see, each one of us has different ideas for a baby shower diaper cake. And this is the source for our wonderfully diverse diaper cake gallery. We have all kinds of cakes, submitted by great readers like Linda, who are helping to make this the best diaper cake resource on the web! Thanks Linda!!

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Linda's Blue Teddy Diaper Cake

Blue Teddy Diaper Cake

Linda's Comments:
For my base i used a round piece of polystyrene,I place a large bottle of baby talcum powder in the middle. I rolled each diaper securing with an elastic band,placing on the base around the talc to form the bottom layer. I then put a large elastic band round the whole layer to secure.

For the second layer repeat as above. For the top layer, i placed a baby feeding bottle in the centre and put diapers around it as done in the other layers. The lid of the baby feeding bottle poked out of the top when finished and i placed the teddy on top.

I tied blue ribbon all around, covering the elastic bands, then decorated it with useful items, such a cotton buds, nail scissors, rattle, teether, pacifier, baby socks, and baby shoes.

I hope you like it!! I made this diaper cake for my grandson, due on the 15th May 2008

from Linda
Worthing Sussex,England UK

Blue Teddy Diaper Cake

Linda - Thanks for sharing your teddy bear diaper cake with us!

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