" Under The Sea"

by Beth

The words 'sweet' and 'precious' immediately come to mind when I look at this adorable Under the Sea diaper cake. Made with such cute little frills and darling decorations, this colorful diaper cake is so lovely to look at!

We are so pleased to share Beth's Under the Sea diaper cake with all of our readers! We love seeing the creativity and ideas of all of our readers, and we are never disappointed! Our readers are amazing, and we are so grateful to Beth for sharing her fabulous diaper cake! Beth, we love your cake! So cute! And your instructions are very helpful!

Share your diaper cake with us and all of our readers!

Beth's Comments:
Super Easy and Soo Much Fun to Make! Here is a List of the Materials used....

* 1 14' Round Cake Boards
* 1 12' " "
* 1 10' " "
* Pink, White, Yellow Paper~Shred
* 7/8'/22.22mm Ribbon (Bright Yellow, Green, Pink & Blue
* Pacifiers (I used 6)
* 3 Bright colored Hair Bow's
* 7 Small Paper Clips
* 1 Sheet Bright Blue, Orange & Green Posterboard
* Hot Glue Gun
* Rubber Bands (assorted sizes)
* Topper ( I used "Musical Seahorse" Purchased at Wal~Mart..can be found on the Baby Toy Isle $12.88)
* Small Bright Green Bucket with a Blue Handle
* Diaper's (Huggie's Little Snugglers Size N, 1 & 2)

Here are the Simple Steps..
* First I rolled all the Diapers using the Rubber Bands and Set aside
* Next I took the 14' Cake Board and Placed on top of the Blue Poster Board and Traced out the Circle...Cut Out with my Scalloped Scissor..Making sure I made the Cut~Out Slightly Larger...Hot~Glue Together
* Same thing for the 12' & 10'
* Then I made my Circular Bundles..Placed a Larger Rubber Band around those making sure they were Tight and Secure and Placed on top of my Cake Boards Leaving room around the Sides for my Decrative Paper Shred
* After that I Measured my Ribbon, Cut & then Secured around each Bundle with a Paper Clip
* Fill Small Bucket half Way with Paper Shred & Place Topper inside letting some of the Shred Overhang the Bucket...Wrap Diapers around the Bucket & Secure with Rubber Band
* Remaining 3 Paper Clips are used to Secure Hair Bow's and also to Hide Paper Clips used to Secure Ribbon
* Stack Bundles
* Paper Shred along the Sides of Bundles
* Lastly, Place your Pacifiers

Hope My Simple Instuction's Help you on your Way to Make BEAUTIFUL Diaper Cake's!!! ~Happy Cake'n Make'n~

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Nov 11, 2015
Beautiful theme
by: Holly Taylor

Beautiful theme and the cake is well made. You have great skills and talent to make this kind of cake.

Sep 29, 2015
by: Neferti

Good effort! Nice design

May 26, 2012
by: Ann

I am so glad I found this. One of my dear friends is having faternal twins and this matches her nursery!

May 26, 2012
by: Ann

I am so glad I found this. One of my dear friends is having faternal twins and this matches her nursery!

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