Jungle Babies Diaper Cake

by Lauren

This is such a classy looking diaper cake! The ribbon really makes it. It is wide, silky ribbon with a nice shade of green and a cute jungle-animal pattern. The bows are nice, big and beautifully done. And the Monkey topper gives it the perfect 'baby' touch.

Lauren has 'paid it forward' by submitting her pretty diaper cake to pass on the creative flame of diaper cake inspiration to the rest of us. I love all of our readers! It is readers like Lauren who make this site so helpful, so useful and so focused on inspiring each reader who visits us. Thanks so much Lauren! Your diaper cake is awesome!

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Lauren's Comments:
This diaper cake was for my cousin's baby boy. The nursery theme was "Jungle Babies"... so with that information, I took with the theme and created this cake.

4 Tier Cake Included:

168 Diapers

1 really soft blanket ("Jungle Baby" themed of course)

10 receiving blankets

4 pacifiers

1 pacifier clip

1 Large Baby powder

1 Large Tube of Butt Paste

3 long-sleeved onsies

an emergency diaper bag kit (disposable thermometer, baby powder, baby wipes, baby band-aids, antibiotic cream)

Jungle Baby Plush Toy on top

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Oct 28, 2015
by: Catie

Your diaper cake is just simply cool! Thanks so much for sharing!

Sep 23, 2015
Babies Diaper Cake
by: Anonymous

Simply desire to say your cake is astounding. Thanks a million and please keep posting youf cute creations!

Jul 04, 2015
great comments
by: Veronica

Super helpful, definitely gives me inspiration to make my own diaper cake!

May 02, 2012
Response to Previous Comment...
by: Lauren

I wanted this diaper cake to be very simple, as we were going to use it as a centerpiece at the baby shower of my soon to be Godson. I also wanted to incorporate all the other items into the cake, since it was going to be my gift. In this cake, all of the surprises were rolled, and packed into the center of each layer to remain a fun surprise as the cake was being taken apart later. The cake was very large (I used size 2 diapers because they tend to be one of the sizes that babies use for a longer period of time) allowing me to hide more inside.

Feb 29, 2012
Love Love Love it!!!
by: Dewdrop

This is an amazing looking cake. I love the ribbon and bows. It is simple and very classy. How you used all those "ingredients" is a mystery to me...
More info please.

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