Princess and Butterflies

by Lynn
(West Palm Beach, FL)

This Princesses and Butterflies diaper cake is an amazing sight to behold! Lynn loaded it from top to bottom with baby essentials, and it is so colorful and cute as well! I love her idea of using washcloths and onesies like icing. I can't imagine how much time it must have taken Lynn! Read her comments below to find out more.

Lynn is "paying it forward" by sharing her awesome ideas with the rest of us who are making our own diaper cakes. Her photos and comments are packed with fun & creative inspiration. Lynn joins our ever-increasing collection of readers who are helping to make this the best, free source of diaper cake ideas on the internet! Lynn, thank you for sharing your amazing diaper cake! Baby Sarah and her parents will be enjoying your diaper cake for months!

Lynn's Comments:
The theme of the shower was Princess and Butterflies, and the colors were pink and purple. Just thought that all of the diapers showing was plain, so I took baby washcloths and Onsies with sayings and iced the cake with them. The washcloths were easy. I just used them like icing and overlapped them till the bottom layer was covered completely. On the second layer, I folded the onsies into thirds, so that the picture and saying were what was showing. Then I wrapped ribbon around it to hold them there. On the third layer, I left the diapers and filled that one with goodies. I used colored baby clothespins for babyshowers to clip goodies to the diapers, I put wrist rattles around the polka-dotted ribbon. On the top layer I used headbeads to decorate it. On the very top, I used a childs ball and double-sided tape to attach booties, hand mittens,finger puppet, toys and the baby blanket. I also used pedialyte in the center and a paper towel tube attached for the upper layers. Also other assorted baby goods were attached to the different layers.

This was a huge hit at the shower. Mommy and Daddy said that was the only gift that they really needed to start caring for baby Sarah. I am not sure how much I spent on this cake(it was a lot), but I had so much fun putting it together.

I am in the planning stages for my second diaper cake for another niece who is also having a girl, although she doesn't want it to be so girly. Not sure if I can top the first one, but I am gonna do my best.

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