Its a Boy Diaper Cake

Just by looking at the Its a Boy diaper cake below, you would think that the person who made it must have made a lot of them because it is so well done, but this is the FIRST one she ever made! Brenda from New Jersey submitted this cake and it is a masterpiece. Everything from the decorative touches to the gifts and goodies she put on the cake - it's all so pretty!

Brenda submitted some great pictures of her diaper cake and she also took the time to explain her steps, what worked for her and her diaper cake tips - what a helpful source of info!! Brenda's contribution to this website is a benefit to thousands who read this website. Thanks for "Paying it Forward" Brenda!!

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Brenda's Its a Boy Diaper Cake

Its a Boy Diaper Cake

Brenda's Comments:

Theme: It's A Boy!

I used about 67 size 1 diapers (Huggies $18.97 or whatever you new mom prefers). For the first layer I used a large bottle of lotion ($1.94) and placed it in the center of the cake platter that I purchased at a party store ($.99). I then took 18-20 diapers, unfolded them and rolled them like a cinnamon roll from the front to the back. Then secure them with a rubber band($.44) around them . Then I took 7 diapers and placed them around the bottle and fastened them to the bottle with a large rubber band ($.86). Next I started on the 2nd ring of the 1st layer. I took the remaining 12 or 13 diapers placed them around the 1st ring of diapers and secured them with a large rubber band. Now for the 3rd ring of the 1st layer. I took 21-22 diapers, unfolded then and rolled them up just like before, but instead of a rubber band I tied a ribbon (1/4 inch wide- $1.97) around them.

Its a Boy Diaper Cake

I then secured the entire layer with a piece of ribbon (7/8 inch-$1.97)to keep the circular shape. Be sure that no rubber bands are showing. Now on to the 2nd layer. It is made in the exact same way, except instead of 3 rings there are only 2 rings of diapers. For the inside ring use about 6 or 7 diapers and place them around the part of the lotion bottle that is sticking out of the 1st layer of diapers. Secure with a rubber band. For the 2nd ring, use 11-12 diapers, place a ribbon (1/4 wide) around these and secure them in a circular shape by ribbon. On this layer I used 1 1/2 inch wide ribbon ($2.97) so that when I get ready to finish with decorations I have something to stick them into.

Its a Boy Diaper Cake

Now for the 3rd layer. This one is easy. I took a 5 inch baby bottle, set it on the table. I then took 5 diapers and rolled them like before and secured them with the 1/4 inch ribbon and placed them around the bottle. And again I tied the 7/8 inch ribbon around it to secure in the circular shape. Then place this tier on top of the 2nd layer. Around the bottom of layer 1, I also put a piece of 1 1/2 inch ribbon.

Its a Boy Diaper Cake

Then I began to decorate it. I used stickers in the baby boy theme. I used plastic blue baby items and tied them to ribbon and tied them to the ribbon on each layer. I put 3 little yellow, rubber duckies ($2.99) on it, 1 on the top of the bottle. I put 2 pr of booties ($1.50) on the sides, 2 pacifiers ($2.50), 3 baby washclothes ($1.94)on the sides, 2 baby rattles ($4.00), stickers ($4.93) along the cake platter, 3 t-shirts ($5.60), 1 onesie and bib ($4.50), 3 bibs ($10.00) and 1 bathtime ducky ($5.00) to lay in tub for baby to lay on while bathing.

Its a Boy Diaper Cake

I then put a balloon with a blue bow on it that says It's A Boy ($1.49) I then place the entire cake into a plastic bag ($1.49), gather it at the top and place a bow ($.99)and curly, ribbon ($.99) on it. The total for this cake was approx $84.00.

Its a Boy Diaper Cake

My step daughter's baby shower is coming up in a week and I cannot wait to take it. This is the first one that I have made and I am happy that it came out so nice.


Its a Boy Diaper Cake

Brenda, your step daughter will be absolutely THRILLED with your gorgeous diaper cake!! Thank you for sharing it with us!

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