Owl Themed Diaper Cake

by Jean Hinton
(Orlando, FL )



Such a cute owl diaper cake! The owls and the dragonfly are adorable! Made with a lot of TLC, this sweet diaper cake made a heart-warming gift for a special mother-to-be in Pennsylvania.

Jean created this cute diaper cake and then shared it with all of us here, thus adding her creativity and unique ideas to our amazing collection of one-of-a-kind diaper cakes! We love our readers and are so grateful that they are "paying it forward"! So amazing! Thanks so much Jean!

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In Jean's Own Words:

I made this cake in Florida and shipped it to Pennsylvania. The Mother-to-be was very surprised to receive it. It is a three-tiered diaper cake. I started with a bottle of baby lotion for the core. I then rolled and wrapped each diaper into a cylinder with a rubber band. I rubber banded the baby lotion and the first ring together to make a circle, then continued with the outer two rings and then placed a large rubber band around all three rings. The first row had three rings, the second two and the third row one. I then placed the ribbon around the rubber bands so they would not show and placed items that the Mom and baby would use into each section. I used a 14" round cardboard cake display for the first tier to sit on. I then placed baby socks around the bottom to make it look like it had a fancy edging.

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