Pink Diaper Cake

This adorable pink diaper cake is a perfect touch for any baby girl's baby shower. Here is a picture and some helpful ideas from Gloria, one of our many truly wonderful readers!

This baby shower website would not be half the resource that it is without the contributions of our amazing readers. Gloria, among many others, has shared her creative and fun diaper cake ideas. And in so doing, has helped create a more Perfect Baby Shower online resource for the rest of us. Thanks Gloria!!

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Gloria's Pink Diaper Cake

Pink Diaper Cake Design

Gloria's Comments:
I used Luvs diapers the large pack and made these two cakes.

I used the crinkle shredded paper and stuffed it in between the diapers, I useda stuffed animal for the top and in the middle some rolled up receiving blankets. After I rolled up the diapers, I put a flat layer of diapers around them, kinda laying down so the ribbon would look nicer wrapped around the whole cake. This was the first one I made and it came out pretty good, nothing too fancy.

Pink Diaper Cake Design

Pink Diaper Cake Design

We love your two diaper cakes, Gloria! Thanks for sharing them with us!!

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