Little Red Riding Hood Invitations

Creative Little Red Riding Hood Invitations

Over the river and through the woods, to a Little Red Riding Hood baby shower we go! Invitations set the tone for your next baby shower or party. They are the first impression that your guests will have of the shower, so use this opportunity to get them excited for the big day.

The invitations can announce your theme, your color scheme, and the mood for your upcoming baby shower. For example, a quick look at the invitation above conveys that the theme is going to be Little Red Riding Hood. Also, it sets the dark, woodsy tone and matches the planned baby shower color palette of red with white and dark accents. Some people will even buy baby shower presents, such as blankets and books, based on the theme presented in the invitation. So make sure to pick out something that the expectant mother likes! Or have the same theme as the nursery is going to be.

Once you narrow down the theme for your baby shower, there are still many different directions that you can choose for the invitation. First you have to decide if you want to send a postcard or a folding card, homemade or store-bought. Next comes the wording, which can also incorporate the theme. It’s fun to add anecdotes from the story, such as “Once Upon a Time” or “To Grandmother’s House We Go” for Little Red Riding Hood invitations.

Words are just one way to incorporate a theme into the invitations. There is also color and design, and the more distinctive the card is, the more memorable it will be! For characters, I chose to focus on Red Riding Hood herself, but you could also incorporate the Big Bad Wolf, the Woodsman, or Grandmother’s house. A basket of apples is also very popular with this theme. Other color ideas include polka dots, plaid, and maybe even light blue accents. If you make the little red riding hood invitations yourself, you could even incorporate some of the design into the favors, buffet cards, cupcake toppers, signs, anything!

Turning to the inside of the invitation is where the details lie, the Who, What, Where, and When.

For the Who, make sure to ask about anyone who might be traveling from out-of-town, so that the baby shower is not too early or late in the day to accommodate everyone. The Where depends on how many people are being invited. Can it be held in someone’s home, or is it a good idea to book a local community hall? When setting a date, obviously first consult with the guest of honor. Usually baby showers are held one to two months before the due date, but some people prefer to have it after the baby is born. Lastly, list the RSVP information if you are asking your guests to reply. It is also helpful to note whether the expecting parents are registered at any stores. Make sure to be as specific as possible in the details, but not too lengthy.

The invitations should be sent out a few weeks ahead of the baby shower. This gives everyone enough time to shop for gifts and to make sure that their schedules are clear.

For these homemade invitations, first I gathered all of my supplies. I knew that I would be keeping the color scheme simple, so the card stock colors were easy to pick out. I then drew and cut out my shape for the red hood and traced it enough times so that I would have one for each invite. I repeated this for step for the mushrooms on the inside of the card. The trees were my favorite part. I got to be creative with all of the different shapes, trying to make them look spooky. The typing on the outside and inside of the card was simply styled in Microsoft Word and printed. I also used a little bit of twine to make the card stand out.

Another way to create unique little red riding hood invitations, without cutting out a ton of red hoods and trees, is to make one card and then scan the image onto your computer. You can then crop and print the image, and make mass-produced cards from one design. If you want to take an even simpler route, you can also order the invitations.

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