Baby Shower Hostess Gift Ideas Galore!

Looking for some unique baby shower hostess gift ideas? We have some excellent suggestions below.

Anyone who volunteers to plan, organize, and host a baby shower deserves special recognition. Executing a memorable baby shower takes a lot of thought and effort, most of it weeks in advance of the actual event. That means your hostess is dedicating her free time and probably her finances too, to make sure you have a great baby shower. She deserves a unique hostess gift that is just as thoughtful. Consider the following tips for choosing the most perfect of baby shower hostess gifts:

• Include a handwritten letter to your hostess. Make sure to express how grateful you are for her efforts and time in hosting your baby shower. Let her know that you're sure it would not have been such a success without her. And, include specific things that you liked about the shower she planned and hosted for you.

• Gift Cards to your friend or family member's favorite store will always be a hit. Again, the way to personalize this type of hostess gift is with a hand written letter.

• Photo Memories are great. You can have a guest be sure to snap several shots of you and your party hostess during the baby shower. Then find a frame that fits here personality and décor after the fact. Include the best photo with you thank you card and she'll feel like the most important person in the world.

• Wine And Chocolate are a great hostess gift, because they'll give her a way to relax after the event is over, consider including some bubble bath and candles too and you'll wish you could keep this instant spa for yourself.

• Facials are a very relaxing way to get pampered and most women, your baby shower hostess included, will not spend the money on themselves to enjoy one of these. But, she would love it if you gave her a gift certificate to get a facial at a local spa or beauty center. Let her know that you want her to relax and take time to feel important.

Baby shower hostess gifts have no formula. There is no right or wrong choice. The only rule here is that they must convey your personal gratitude for a job well done in planning and hosting your baby shower. Take the time to select something you know your hostess will love. Best of luck in finding the perfect gift for your hostess!

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