Perfect Baby Shower Prizes

Baby shower prizes are one of the most important components of a successful shower. If your prizes that you give to game winners are good, guests will participate in games with more vigor, which always produces more laughter. Use the following list of ideas to choose baby shower prizes that will be a hit without breaking the bank?

• Gift Cards are a great way to allow guests to personalize their own prize, after the fact. Consider small items like a coffee mug filled with shredded paper and a gift certificate to a local barista.

• Movies at the theater are a splurge for lots of people these days. But, you can get DVDs that are old favorites for as little as $5 a piece. Fill a gift bag or basket with a new DVD, microwave popcorn, and a couple of boxes of movie candy. Guests will love the excuse to have a movie night at home.

• Pamper Yourself Kits can be purchased at a local bath and body store, if you want to spend a little more. But, if you want to build your own, visit a local superstore or even a dollar store for items that cost significantly less and do the trick just the same. Include lotions, candles, bubble bath, some type of bath sponge and of course a little chocolate. The most important rule of thumb with this item is to smell everything before you buy! If you wouldn't want it, don't give it away as a prize.

• Chocolates can be given for prizes depending on the people attending. Most women love a some delicious chocolate to enjoy at the end of a hard day.

To Wrap Or Not To Wrap Baby Shower Prizes?

As I mentioned before, good prizes go a long way in getting the action and fun of baby shower games rolling. If people know what they're competing for, they will think a little harder, move a little faster, and laugh a lot more in the process. So, I recommend pretty bows and baskets that jazz up the prizes but still leave them visible to the contestants. There is no right or wrong when it comes to prizes, just remember, if you wouldn't want to take it home, don't expect others to want it either.

Here are some more fun ideas for baby shower prizes.

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